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intuciic (ru) wrote: too artificial and quite boring

D G (jp) wrote: Mrs. Ahluwalia's case changed British Law and how battered women are treated. This was suppossed to be the cross over vehicle for Ashwarya Rai but it's Nandita Das who shines.

Frank P (ru) wrote: Been about 12 years since I've seen it and I remember why this movie's always had a place with me. Powerful, powerful acting. Makes me wonder if folks could see what my eyes have seen, they might understand me better.

Matt W (de) wrote: Another of those films that leaves you feeling good about the world, "Trick" is a simply yet emotionally-charged film about the struggle of finding love in a city, and the consequences that this holds. The picture centres on Gabriel (Christian Campbell), a young budding musical-theatre writer, who longs to write an old-style musical. On the subway back from a gay bar one night, Gabriel makes eye contact with "Go-GO Dancer" Mark (John Paul Pitoc) from the club, who follows him off the train and they decide to go back to Gabriel's apartment. This turns out to be impossible, and the night turns out to be a series of unfortunate events preventing Gabriel and Mark getting their much needed alone time. The film enlightens the audience on the struggle of finding gay love in a heterosexual city, and also the amount of happiness that can be brought by finding the right person. An unrealistic aspect of this film is the issue of hunk Mark falling for Gabriel, a skinny, nerdy character. I wish it was only that easy to get Mark's to want to pick me up on the train!The audience are kept laughing by Gabriel's quirky wannabe-actress friend Katherine (Tori Spelling) who reminisces over the days that he any Gabriel were together at high school, and Gabriel's roommate's French girl Genevieve (Lacey Kohl,) who offers her very insightful relationship counselling while her chest on full display.A great feel-good film with lashings of reality throughout.

Freddy F (fr) wrote: Not a lot of attention, but a very solid film, revolving around original Beatle Stuart Sutcliffe.

Krowak (br) wrote: This would have to be the best Lorenzo Lamas movie, in my opinion. One I would like to own on dvd.

Princessa M (mx) wrote: One of my all time faves! I used to watch this movie over and over again.. LOL

Eric K (de) wrote: Managing to get by on a PG rating, this film naturally lacks the tough, gritty feel that other movies of this genre have. However, what it lacks in grit, it makes up for with superior dialogue. "Hair is like a woman. You treat it good, and it treats you good." Pure poetry! Oh, and the karate scenes are quite entertaining. :)

Kasun S (au) wrote: Kurosawa's "Ikiru", which literally means "To Live", is an emotional, heartbreaking and affecting movie that tries to explore what does the life really mean, through a story of a dying man who searches the meaning of his life.Truth be told, Ikiru is not as subtle as his previous work Rashomon and what makes this powerful is his direction .We all know that Kurosawa is a master at storytelling. At the beginning he uses a narrator to introduce few things and then make the flow of the story itself on a linear surface. When the movie comes to its second half the way Kurosawa presents the rest of the story becomes completely different, also it makes the film a ' little 12 angry men '. .Some shots and sceneries are unbelievably powerful. For an example, there cannot be more than a few scenes, even a diehard art movie fan can witness as emotional and symbolic as the 'swinging in the snow ' scene of this film. I was shocked when I saw it for the first time. Everything I wrote was about Kurosawa's talent. Now it's time to bring the other person who deserves honorable mention for his performances throughout the entire movie as the main character 'Watanabe'. Speaking of 'Watanabe', he is a man who doesn't move much, but he is a man of immense emotion. He expresses himself through his eyes. To bring up that kind of character blended with Kurosawa's Close-up shots is not an easy task. But kudos to Takashi Shimura, who has delivered that perfect act. And the song he sings 'life is brief', may be the saddest song you will ever come across in a film. I'm pretty sure, that song will completely and utterly shatter you.Finally, I'm going to introduce this as a life changing movie, which should be watched at least once by every cinema lover. A triumph of humanity. If you aren't moved by this movie, you really need to check your pulse.

Michael M (nl) wrote: This movie should have been called "Why watch this movie?" I don't think I was ever truly interested at any point in this silly movie and I fell asleep around 45 minutes in with confidence that I would not miss anything at all.