Presença de Anita

Presença de Anita

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:88 minutes
  • Release:1951
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:based on novel,  

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Presença de Anita torrent reviews

intuciic (fr) wrote: liked the story in the story.. but otherwise pretty poor movie..

Mariana M (de) wrote: not too bad, better than i expected. although i would have smacked the wilson jr and his girlfriend a few more times.

Jaret M (nl) wrote: YOU stick it...stupid movie...

Sherry P (ag) wrote: The true story was most likely fantastic and thrilling, but the movie of it is not.

Raji K (gb) wrote: While many movies focus on characters and story, the movie Nashville has a somewhat different take on a film. The film focuses on Nashville and how different aspects of the city from politics, gospel and country music all can en-compose people with vastly different stories and backgrounds. The movie is rough to follow with all the jumping between characters and scenes and is quite boring at parts, but improves over time. Being a country fan will help immensely as the film covers complete song performances by several of the characters and I found the song I'm Easy to be quite good. Despite some lull moments, the film does have some captivating scenes, such as when a singer is horrible and chastised into stripping for the crowd and the assassination finale that manages to bring all the characters together. I cannot help but wonder if the film did a better job of having letting you get to know the characters and perhaps had less of them, it would have become a more powerful film. I may not have enjoyed Nashville, but I really respect more of what it tried to accomplish as a film, and can agree that the concepts of the film are head of its time. It is certainly a influential film for structure does a good job capturing the essence of Americana.

Beau D (br) wrote: I didn't like this movie at all. Beatty's character is annoying, there is no emotional sympathy generated for any of the characters, the plot is boring, and you really just hope that someone with a gun will burst into a scene unexpectedly ans slaughter everyone to put the audience out of its misery.

Conner F (ru) wrote: "T" is a crtified badass. Righting the wrongs and fighting for the people in a south central ghetto. Fighting whitey's oppresion. This went above and beyond my expextations of a blaxploitation movie. It delivered a sound story supported by badass action scenes and an insanely good Marvin Gaye score. Superbad and super awesome. Probably the best blaxploitation film ever. And he drives my dream car, a 1972 Lincoln Mark IV.

Thomas L (au) wrote: i defently found this film super funny. it was like a film verison of Betty White Off Their Rockers, just without Betty White. and the cast were amazing. i mean it even has cameos of Tim Allen, Randy Couture, Breckin Myer & even Sam Raimi. the film also reminds me of The Hangover for old people.

Jason C (ag) wrote: The appeal of this may be limited to fans of Pearce and/or Pattinson and post-apocalyptic stories - there is simply not enough content in the character of the central character, the loner Eric (Pearce), to really immerse the viewer in the story. As a result this is something of a near miss, although the aftermath of the Collapse is well represented and the feeling of hopelessness is palpable.

Tristan M (nl) wrote: Yet another movie about what I believe is still the 2008 stock drop, where thousands of people lose their homes to the banks. This one shows the side of both those whose homes are being forclosed and the ones who make major money off these closings. It's an interesting story, as one man who loses his house joins with the one who is closing them to provide for his family and get the house back. It's a good story that shows what people will do to provide for themselves and loved ones when it comes down to the wire, and seeing both sides of the line is cool. I do think Nash wouldn't have admitted to what he did in the end if it were in real life, but it's completely possible. I think many people would have done what he did in his position, no matter that hate he initially generated for Rick Carver. The acting and script are both good, and the events that go down are interesting to watch. There's always something going on which is good, keeps the pace up, and overall plays along nice. It has a realistic feel and atmosphere, even if Nash starting to work with Carver is unlikely to begin with. Overall it's a good watch, interesting and something different, and combined with other movies, Margin Call and The Big Short which both cover the same events but in different areas, makes for a good overview of the 2008 housing market crash. The only issue I have is my lack of understanding for the details of the crash and technical stuff involved, such as all the numbers.