A long journey through the fears and hopes of a newbie mother since a terrible and unexpected event that will help her deepen and face their darkest secrets.

Julia (Marta Etura, Cell 211) and Felix (Eduardo Noriega, Blackthorn, also receiving his first scripting credit here) are a young married couple suffering from the pressure of having a small baby. Following an argument in the beach resort they’ve visited for a few days’ break from their routine, Julia crashes the car and emerges into a slightly rearranged world. Her wallet is stolen, and she seeks help from a sexy, commanding local night-club owner, Marcos. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ilsa W (kr) wrote: Great fun. Hilarious, sweet, a little bit scary at times and nice and jumpy. Richard Coyle is as likeable and watchable as always and the rest of the cast, including Russell Tovey, are clearly having great fun. A good little British comedy horror movie.

Angel G (br) wrote: Passion Play isn't horrible, but it isn't great either, at all. Rourke, Murray and Ifans are really wasted in this movie, but Rourke is really the one who is miscast here. I kept looking at the clock so this could wrap up, cause the film was boring at times. The script isn't good, the acting not horrible, but it didn't help anything, the story was poor and the score is what makes this movie boring, the only music I liked was the part when Mickey Rourke's character was playing the trumpet for Lily (Megan Fox). Megan Fox was surprisingly not the worst part of this movie, she didn't ruin this movie (at least she's improving), what was really off was the 0% and forced chemistry between Fox and Rourke. It really felt like it was forced, there was no connection, the really awkward and weird moment was the sex scene, really bad. I'll give the movie something: Bill Murray and Rhys Ifans are the best part of this movie, they at least give good performances, the message of someone being a "freak" and wanting to be normal, but whats beautiful is yourself, but I've seen better movies with that message (see "The Elephant Man" better), Megan Fox is improving her acting and the cinematography. But a bad script, a miscast male lead, a lackluster and forced chemistry from its leads, a boring score and an ending that leaves you ".....that..I'm not buying that" Passion Play leaves you thinking that this movie missed something, and what it missed was "passion"

Paul D (fr) wrote: Visually striking and sometimes haunting with strong performances despite a relatively weak ending.

Kasey T (au) wrote: So cool and fun enjoyed every minute of this action blockbuster with its quirky one liners

HungYa L (kr) wrote: Utterly rubbish yet I have watched it several times when I was little..

Mark H (fr) wrote: The more I watch this film the better it gets. It seems to have everything, including a character with depth and emotion.

Bronson W (nl) wrote: "Sleepy Hollow" is another winner from Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. It's like a lot of their other movies together. It's has a gothic tone and personality to it. This is the second time that Tim Burton and Johnny Depp have collaborated with Christopher Walken. But not in the same movie together. Tim Burton worked with Christopher Walken in "Batman Returns" which came in 1992. Johnny Depp worked with Christopher Walken in "Nick of Time" which came out in 1995.