Four divers are stuck deep underwater in a vessel after a freak storm destroys their ship. Will they survive?

In the Somalia coast, the veteran divers Engel, Mitchell, Hurst and the rookie Jones are assigned to repair an oil pipeline on the bottom of the sea by the Vaxxilon representative Karsen. They are advised that a storm is coming, but the Diving Support Vessel Lorimer lowers the bell with the team. They succeed to weld the pipeline but the storm comes and the vessel sinks, killing the whole crew. Short of the oxygen, the divers try to communicate with the surface and the leader Mitchell keeps the hope that they will be saved. But will the oil company send another vessel to rescue them? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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bill s (jp) wrote: It tries to build tension but it feels forced at best and not there most of the movie.Not Das Boot for sure.

WS W (ca) wrote: Formulaic, & predictable.

Ui M (br) wrote: I wanted them all to die

Roxanne R (us) wrote: BRAVO to the cast and crew of this moving, intense, gripping, phenomenal motion picture that left me crying at the end. Yes it moved me to tears and sheds light into what divers do when trying to patch damages hulls, etc. You learn plenty watching this film and their job not only is challenging but VERY RISKY!! I commend those men and the divers that do what they do in the military or the civilian sector. We have a group of divers sent 650 feet below the surface to fix an oil pipeline during a storm. While they are underwater they become separated from their ship and they must stick together to figure out how to rejoin the ship and survive. Some will say the film was predictable but I differ. I always kept HOPE. The last 34 minutes were devastating, tense, gripping as I saw these divers doing the impossible to remain alive. If you don't decompress your body will experience horrible pain. I will not reveal anything else but to all my film aficionados, this is a gem and it is available in HD on Netflix instant streaming. What are you waiting for? WATCH IT!!!

Rangan R (de) wrote: Trapped underwater in a pod and battling to the survive.I might be a little harsh with my rating on this, but I had my reasons. The film theme was not bad, pretty fresh, but the screenplay was not developed to its full potential. I know it is a low cost film with a limited cast, so I respect the production quality which really was better than what I expected, but the story was way simple and predictable. If it was a more edgy type, would have had best chance to impress the viewers, because there are lots people who take chances on small film like this.It's a 'trapped' concept. You can call it an opposite to 'Gravity'. I mean that story takes place above us and this one below the sea water. I did not anticipate to that level, because I knew it's limit, yet not very convincing. The other reason is there are lots of awesome B movies with innovative ideas I have seen where this film narrowly failed.This is a story of the diver's team who went to fix the damaged underwater pipeline gets trapped in a small pot after losing all the contact with their ship. So the team of four battles to survive in a hostile condition, especially the oxygen is their main concern till someone comes to rescue them. That's the story which reveals what happens to them in its 90 minute narration.The cast and crew's effort must be appreciated, because shooting some 30-40 per cent of the film underwater is really a tough job. At the beginning it looked promising, but later on it did not stay that way, especially the end was a kind of let down. It is a fictional tale, nothing like 'The 33', otherwise even for an ordinary story that inspired by a real event gets our sympathy. I don't think it is worth a watch, unless you got lots of spare time and want to pass it, then it would make a decent timepass film.4/10

Quincy T (gb) wrote: Pressure is an example of how to make a small scale movie right. Put several characters on a predicament and let them resolve the increasingly dangerous issues with nature and probably each other. The movie is set nearly exclusively on one location, yet this claustrophobic environment is showcased with rich visual, even sometimes ironically beautiful. The cast, though small, has enough drama for an engaging thriller. Story follows four men who are tasked to fix oil pipeline on sea bed. This is a very risky job since there's a storm brewing and sure enough, they find themselves trapped underwater. With pressure differential, amongst other lethal problems, they have to work together to ensure their survival. The plot offers healthy amount of realism with its taxing physical condition as well as human nature in jeopardy. Surprisingly, the simple setting and premise are effective in creating tension. Characters are decent, each of them has their own vice and these make the already volatile situation escalate. Delivery from the actors are nice, coupled with good pacing, the dynamic between them feels natural. It is quick on introduction and doesn't prolong the scenes needlessly, making the desperate men appear more identifiable.Graphic is not the usual sea oriented or submarine movie, it's in fact quite pristine. The overall tone is painted with blue tint, it eases the sense of dread in sophisticated way. Some of the scenes have outstanding cinematography so the audience won't be lost despite the murky surroundings. A minor obstacle is the movie use to specific lingo that might confuse casual viewer, but majority of the time the dilemma is expressed with adequate simplicity so it can easily capture the thrill.Cleverly implementing fast pace, good characters and clear visual, Pressure makes the modest premise into an engrossing voyage.

Magnolia F (de) wrote: Actually I enjoyed it - it was interesting .. a low budget movie which goes after a major problem with oil industries and problems.. It was well played ...

Joo Miguel R (kr) wrote: Pressure is the story of 4 guys that work on the oil pipes in the sea and they are trapped in a small pod on the sea bed, after diving down to fix an oil pipeline and becoming separated, with no comunication, from their ship. Ok nice premise... stupid plot!The movie starts stupid right from the begining, the way they get separated from the ship is so so so stupid... 2mn storm = sunken big ship! Even the galeons from the XV century last longer. And then what we got next is a series of unfortunate events! And I mean really bad luck! Laughing all the time. They are all amateurs in the job they do. Like "the rope is to small", "I cant open this", like we all need some "thrill scenes" for the movie get the story go. Bad actors, bad story, bad plot, stupid scenes, etc.. get away from this one. The "past scenes" of each one of the characters, i push the forward button. Yes we got that to.The good: the premise.. er.. it's watchable... but..Tha bad: .. get ready to get some pain for 1:30mThe ugly: the series of unfortunate events that let you think "how the hell these guys get this job?!" and the unnecessary and boring "past scenes"

John C (jp) wrote: Too long, all dialogue!

Jason K (de) wrote: Kinda a unused story after the basic plot, Goode can still hold his own.

Jason B (br) wrote: This is an interesting film of survival despite it being on the low budget side of things worth the watch though if you're bored.

Ibrahim A (us) wrote: I saw the movie and it was great! Despite it's few places, it made 100% use of it and gave me thrills! The movie usually gets boring, but it comes back with surprise every time! Back stories are awesome as well. Definitely worth a watch. 11/10 IGN.

Farah R (de) wrote: Pressure isn't that good, but there still are a few good moments.

Ellen G (fr) wrote: Litt spennende, ikke super kvalitet men okay.

David W (br) wrote: The premise of four divers trapped at the bottom of the sea who have to make their way back to the surface against steep odds is what got me to watch this movie but after it quickly delivered the promised situation I found myself stuck with four characters I couldn't care less about. None of the four main characters are likeable or very interesting which really breaks this film since most of the movie is the interaction between them. The acting isn't even the problem, it's just that the dialogue is super bland and uninteresting and there's a ton of it.The parts of the film where the divers are actually moving around the briny deep in their suites were somewhat suspenseful because the endless void of the jet black ocean was really unsettling but then it would go back to one of the characters giving a super dry speech about their lives back on shore.

Cigs J (br) wrote: It's a drama based on a deep sea diving bell getting stranded half a mile down when their ship sinks in a storm. We have four characters who need to work out how to get out of the sitation.As you'd expect in a one-room jeopardy film such as this it can only work with strong dialog and dramatic episodes, but it just plods from one disasterous attempt to escape to another. We see clips of their life as they dream or ponder their fate, but it does not grab you enough to particularly care.Ho hum film.