Pretty Village, Pretty Flame

Pretty Village, Pretty Flame

In the opening stages of the Bosnian War, a small group of Serbian soldiers are trapped in a tunnel by a Muslim force.

At the Belgrade army hospital, casualties of Bosnian civil war are treated. In the hospital they remember their youth and the war. Two young boys, Halil, a Muslim, and Milan, a Serb, have ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Natalia V (kr) wrote: The actors and the plot its very original. Made my weekend

Peter F (mx) wrote: This was such a bad movie! From the start it was such a "made for tv" movie...if this ever made it into the cinema...damn!!

Amanda B (ag) wrote: Enough is Enough with these movies...

Jonah P (es) wrote: Very confusing and retarded.

Stefani J (us) wrote: This movie really scared me! It was nice to watch an actually scary movie that made me think twice about turning my light out to go to bed.

Johanna J (ag) wrote: This movie had really good fight scenes. Thought it was gonna be crap, but it wasn't to bad at all. i liked it much better then the first one. for the ladies some serious eye candy. michael jai white was to damn fine. so for the men good fight scenes fore the women something good to look at.

Gio P (it) wrote: the quick view at streetwise Manila drones who encounter life in a whole day of mess, emotions and laughter. Really a unique and mature feature that is also hip and very hilarious. Jologs is one of the new classics of Pinoy cinema.

The M (us) wrote: A couple of clay-animated animals discuss their life in ZOO infront of the camera.I enjoyed it.

Rich L (jp) wrote: One of my favorite movies of all time. It's just the right combination of comedy, snark, realistic cynicism, and hopeless, romantic heroism. Top that with a tour de force performance by Peter O'Toole and an amazing ensemble performance the likes of which we haven't seen in decades, and this is a movie that ranks up there with Casablanca for me.

Bailey C (au) wrote: Cannibal Holocaust is the kind of movie horror fans around the world like to ask their friends about: did they have the guts to sit through this movie that is supposedly "the most controversial movie ever made?"Cannibal Holocaust has the makings of what may appear to the viewer as a genuine snuff film because of its low-budget style and the way the film was shot. Using real tribes for authenticity's sake, the live on-screen slaughter of a number of animals and multiple scenes of graphic violence, torture and rape, it isn't hard to see what makes Cannibal Holocaust such a shocking and endearing film. Why, then, is the review for the movie less than one star?Most of what happens in this movie is pretty distasteful and the plot is kind of all over the place; it jumps a lot and it an be hard to follow at times. The horrific scenes that have generated and maintained a buzz about this movie for years are definitely disgusting, but when mingled between long sections of sheer boredom, the movie is easy to skip over. Using cringe-worthy scenes of animals literally being killed, tortured and eaten, Cannibal Holocaust offers its viewers an uncannily uncomfortable experience and an unclear storyline leaving the viewer to try to piece together everything that happens.Overall, this movie was nothing more than a jumbled mess that was tried in the courts for being a legitimate snuff film showing the brutal torture and deaths of a documentary crew.This is the kind of movie you might watch once out of curiosity to see if the hype that surrounds this film to the present day is worth anything, but it's certainly not one you would ever want to own on DVD or Blu Ray, and certainly not something any sane human being would watch more than once.

Paul J (kr) wrote: A very low-budget poorly made horror flick. The only highlight being the over-the-top ending. Surprisingly, the film contains a few good actors but sadly the female lead is laughably bad. As far as gore effects, the film is very lackluster - nothing too extreme. The premise involving Satan is somewhat cool and if I were a kid this might creep me out. As it stands, it's well worth skipping.

Tyler S (au) wrote: Besides deniro knockout performance as a homeless writer this movie is kind of cluttered and depressing. It follows Robert deniros character and his son who works at a homeless shelter. His father played by deniro shows up there one day and from there is focuses back and forth from each character as they try to live their lives. They both narrate the story and what is going on in their minds present in past. Both struggle with addiction and both are pretty interesting. The movie is a little cluttered and is carried by Robert deniros performance as Jonathan Flynn

Gregory W (au) wrote: pretty decient western