"The film is a rollicking Afrikaans musical set in the 50s. In the small, bright and vibrant town of Pretville, anything is possible and lots of interesting things happen all the time."

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    4.00 out of 5
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  • Release:2012
  • Language:Afrikaans
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"The film is a rollicking Afrikaans musical set in the 50s. In the small, bright and vibrant town of Pretville, anything is possible and lots of interesting things happen all the time." . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kan R (ca) wrote: 5/10This is serious war movie but several scenes made me laugh. The best part is the scene 4 men SEAL is making a decision about goat herders.

Allison L (it) wrote: this movie was amazing, i picked it up just for the hell of it and besides that i love mark harmon because he is one of my fav actors, jeremy makes a cute little kid in this movie.

ka (br) wrote: so peacefully and beautifully made together with the comfrot and sadness

Rahul B (fr) wrote: The law-breaker of cinema ... someone who constantly played wth the narrative, editing, plot and everything dt is conventional cinema is perhaps at one of his heights here .... exceptional again... one of the most important films in history perhaps... an essay of cinema ... Godard outplays himself in this masterpiece ... filled wth so many memorable nuances abt it ... nt 2 or 3 ... he knew everything abt her... cinema !!!

Darren D (jp) wrote: Rock Hudson and Doris Day reprise their traditional roles of business rivals in another of their famous comedy pairings. This, like Pillow Talk, is all about shenanigans in the ad industry, in this case about a product called V whose tonic effects were even more pronounced than its latter day true life counterpart. In the grand tradition of tecnicolor art direction, if it was a colour it was deployed in great quantities. Doris Day struts, pouts and makes bug eyes in a succession of fabulous gowns while Rock Hudson looks simply fabulous. The pair had chemistry before the term came into popular use. Well worth seeing.

Christopher B (kr) wrote: While not a true screwball comedy, this skewering of tabloid media is worth watching more than once. Some of the jokes fall flat; but then we can enjoy the reactions of the actors as they struggle through the scene (much like Bullwinkle Moose never getting his magic tricks quite right). Somehow it works without insulting our imagination or intelligence.

Jordan E (ag) wrote: Its about time they made a movie about this... the Cliche may still reign through... but the history lesson is there the quote "since when do Indains play lacrosse" alludes to our generations ignorance of the past

Joao De B (mx) wrote: nem um susto... e o Leprechaun tinha de ser o Warwick Davies e nao este coiso...

Chad B (es) wrote: This is a great film about ghosts. Ghosts of our past that inflect themselves in our current lives. We chase and ponder and struggle with the whereabouts of said ghost and transmit to the universe that maybe just maybe our lives would have turned out different. The what ifs abound in chasing the past, rather than singing in this moment. We throw away the record of that person, when really it just needs to be filed away and occasionally visited. The cast was great, the writing, albeit a little scattered and dry was still entertaining. This is a glimpse into a life, maybe its our life, maybe a friends life, who knows. I was easily able to identify and relate to the characters in this story much like my own life. If you appreciate music, love and your past, then maybe you will be able to identify with this fun and entertaining film. Otherwise, maybe this isn't your tune.

Belal S (au) wrote: Just an amazing movie, I left everything to watch it ...

Calib M (ca) wrote: I want to start off by saying, that this gangster epic is one of the most overlooked, and underrated (if not THE most) mob movies ever made, and ironically, it's the very best. Whenever people mention gangster movies they without thinking, undoubtedly brawl out Goodfellas and The Godfather Part 1 & 2, for obvious reasons of course, all 3 are fantastic films and all 3 are very popular, but that doesnt mean Once Upon a Time in America is less good, it's just more underrated, and as i said it's ironically the very best of the sub-genre. Yes, better than the big dogs. Comparing the 3 (which is close to impossible) Goodfellas is a much more stylized, hollywoodization of a mob's story, and The Godfather Part 1 is so different, it's hard to compare, i personally think it's a better film. Once Upon a Time in America is much more real, dark, gritty, emotionally driven movie, it paints a perfect picture of what gangsters were like in the '30's and how New York was like for over five decades. It's much more intriguing and complex than Goodfellas and The Godfather, and Once Upon a Time in America is what i wanted from The Godfather Part 2 and never got.To stop with the comparing, Once Upon a Time in America is a 4 hour gangster epic, and you might think ''well, 4 hours that's way to long for any movie'' for this movie, it isnt. It needs all 4 hours, and you can clearly see that because each and every single scene has a purpose and meaning, there isnt one scene where you think that a scene could've been scrapped. Because each scene has purpose, and the time line switches continuously you need to be active as a viewer, which is what a 4 hour movie needs. The 4 hours fly by like its a 2 hour movie. It captures accurately growing up in the 30s,40s, & 50s of America. The roots of what made this country unique verses other nations. Diversity here was astronomical then transformed many ethnic backgrounds into pivotal characters impacted this country as well.As I said, each scene is 100% needed, because when this movie was released in 1984, the theaters thought the movie was way to long and cut it down from its original and intentional length of a whopping 229 minutes to a 144 minutes version, and it became an incoherent mess of a movie, which is the sole reason this movie didnt get nominated for any Oscars, which is a shame. Nevertheless, Once Upon a Time in America could have Won 11 Oscars, i'm not exaggerating. It could have won for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Actor for De Niro, Woods and McGovern, Best Film Editing, Best Costume Design, Best Art- and Set Decoration, Best Cinematography and Best Original Score from Ennio Morricone.Once Upon a Time in America is the best gangster movie ever made, and the best coming of age story ever put to film.

Dolors J (br) wrote: My best friend's wedding is my favorite comedy of all the times. I started laughing and I ended up crying. It's a comedy but it has features of a good drama. The Soundtrack is terrific: James Newton Howard made the drama moments became more dramatic. An special ending, for me, the most beautiful and admiring ending I've ever seen in comedies. If you wanna spend a great time at home laughing and crying at the same time, enjoying with Daz, Roberts and Everett, just watch My Best Friend's wedding; it has all the makings of a good comedy. I just loved it.