Based on Kafka's story of the same name, "The Metamorphosis" tells the story of a traveling salesman, Gregor Samsa, who wakes up one morning to find himself transformed into a gigantic insect.

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Zahid C (nl) wrote: Day: SaturdayDate: 17 Dec 2011.Time: 11.30 pmWith: No oneOn: Laptop

Thomas B (br) wrote: I liked this movie but as I was watching I felt as though some element was missing. As I thought about it I realized it was missing the depth of her inner transformation. Like I said it was a good movie but I think it would have been great if they could have some how captured more of her inner transformation and her inner journey of how she came to be content and confident with who she was. Interesting movie, good acting, done in a tasteful way without crossing the line to raunchy or dirty that would have taken away from the story of the main character's journey.

Goharik A (de) wrote: Wonderful story! Touching! look through and notice people around, notice their feelings...

Jhordan W (us) wrote: Documental que posee mucho ms valor como anlisis del arte moderno que como un anlisis de una posible estafa millonaria. Que por cierto creo que es EVIDENTE.

Abbygayle E (au) wrote: 'Shopgirl' could have been a modern, if not dark, fairy tale with a depressed damsel and her two polarizing prince charmings but despite the emptiness these characters have brought in the dreary story, I still bought the film mainly because of the mystifying charm of Claire Danes.

Mark J (br) wrote: Not much originality behind this somewhat dark action flick. Worth a watch, if you want to see Christian Bale not doing much and Matthew McConaughey portraying an Arnold Schwarzenegger kind of Commando,

Ahmed A (ru) wrote: region with somewhat history of brutality , but also history of other things that are good instead

Marcie F (it) wrote: paul was a great man. he will be missed

Yasmin U (jp) wrote: AMAZING!! A Cuban movie that hasn't been screened much (if at all) in the USA. Shows the lives of 3 Cuban women: one in 1800's, one in 1930's, and another in 1950's or so I believe. Very beautiful film, very simple, very touching.

Walter A (mx) wrote: outstanding film, done very well it was heart and is a really good Romantic Comedy.

Renee B (fr) wrote: Campy downbeat shlock. If you want to know where the Wachowski brothers found/ripped off ideas for the Matrix films, watch this. If you value your brain, don't! HURT. But if you love Bruce, you'll be happy to warp your mind. Ouch.

Kevin L (nl) wrote: The first half was hard for me to sit through because of the over the top lurid violence and bizarre editing. The second half was much more intriguing in its statement on the lack of morality in the media. In the end this is a love story.

Charles P (us) wrote: The Band of Misfits is packed with clever moments and animated with consistent skill.