The story of Suki, a lioness cub, who rebels against her mother and her Pride to mate with an unsuitable lion from the other side of the river.

The story of Suki, a lioness cub, who rebels against her mother and her Pride to mate with an unsuitable lion from the other side of the river. Her journey to less a comfortable environment... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bryan E (us) wrote: Fucking Awful. The whole movie is a joke. Knocking off other films like Monty Python and Blazing Saddles as in what you are watching isn't really happening. But at least in those movies the joke built around the film was enjoyable, R100 isn't. The movie is slow and unfunny. It tries to make up for everything by becoming batshit crazy in the last twenty minutes, but by this point I didn't care anymore. I'm quite sure I'm missing the point, but I didn't enjoy the ride.

Adrian M (br) wrote: A gripping portrayal of Italy's most famous dictator. Poorly named to capture American audiences.

Harreld D (ca) wrote: I have never laughed so hard at inappropriate moments in a film. Thank heavens for Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

Al M (mx) wrote: I had high hopes for Embrace of the Vampire, and it did certainly feature a promising first act filled with dark temptations and eroticism, but the film fails to develop in any truly significant way. While it is an enjoyably different vampire film, it does not truly capitalize upon the elements it puts into play.

Angela K (jp) wrote: Richard Gere is sexy, King or not, but this movie certainly illustrates the violence of early religion.

Michael P (br) wrote: Even James Garner could salvage this one, as Shirley Jones gave a mediocre performance and C.Thomas Howell's character portrayal was so poor (not that he had much to work with) it is no wonder he hasn't been heard from since. Plot was not only trite, it was stupid.

Andreas O (mx) wrote: A product of the fear of roleplaying games in the 80s, Mazes and Monsters stumbles over itself trying to warn people of the violent delusions that games like D&D supposedly could induce. Thoroughly stupid premise, odd characters and a script that was obviously written by someone who had never played a roleplaying game.

Damien K (es) wrote: Nothing fabulous about this movie at all, not even Paul Simonon of the Clash. Supposedly, this was a major influence on riot grrls; no wonder the riot grrl scene is such a sad excuse for feminists and an even sadder excuse for punk rock. And there were like, three songs throughout the whole movie. Obviously, those punk celebrities were also a sad excuse for punk rock as well.

Kyle M (ru) wrote: The satirical take on the military seen in "Private Benjamin" is a typical, above-average 80s' comedy built from a usual ingredient of hilarity being formed by witty dialogues and comedic performances from a nice cast to fuel it up, especially with Murray leading things when standing out as the commander of laughs. (B+)(Full review coming soon - with better wording probably)

John M (kr) wrote: Having not seen all the "Godzilla" movies, I don't know if this is the best one. But, I'm guessing that it does have the best story and characters. There are two versions of this: The original Japanese version ("Gojira"), and the "Americanized" version, where Raymond Burr is inserted into the story, and other cuts are made.I've seen both versions (available from Criterion, by the way). As you'd expect, the original version is better. In this case, however, the Japanese version (which has a separate IMDb page), is far superior. This is because we get to know the characters much better. There is a lot more human emotion in the original. Also, the cutaways to Raymond Burr (shot separately, two years later in the U.S.) don't distract from the story. The cuts from the original are critical, since they are about the characters.A thematic difference is that there is the angle of Godzilla being the product of American Hydrogen Bomb testing. Definitely guessing that Americans didn't want to hear that part, which is why those comments are deleted from the Americanized version.Of course, the 1950's American monster movies blame their monsters on radioactivity, so in that way, there isn't too much of a difference!The original version also has a bit more Godzilla smashy-smashy action! If you are in a hurry to see it, you are in for a wait. 'Zilla doesn't show up (except for a quick head shot) until about the 42-minute mark in both versions.I definitely recommend the Japanese version. Yes, there are subtitles, but it's worth it! The American version runs 1:20 and the Japanese version runs 1:36.Japanese version: 4 stars.American version: 2 1/2 stars.

dan b (de) wrote: Actually better than any of the Invisible Man sequels.

Cameron F (br) wrote: Another Alexander Payne road trip journey that offers nothing new in plot.

Anthony T (ru) wrote: Never saw the show, so maybe my opinion on the movie was a bit off. I really didn't think much of this film. I usually love British humour, but something about this film really didn't make me laugh.