Pride & Prejudice

Pride & Prejudice

Pride & Prejudice is a humorous story of love and life among English gentility during the Georgian era. Mr. Bennet is an English gentleman living in Hertfordshire with his overbearing wife and five daughters. If Mr. Bennet dies their house will be inherited by a distant cousin whom they have never met, so the family's future happiness and security is dependent on the daughters making good marriages.

The protagonist Elizabeth Bennett is a witty, sarcastic, somewhat stubborn young lady who really has an opinion about quite a lot including why she would not marry simply because of it is expected of her. Mr. Guy Darcy is a shy, rich, man who defiantly believes there is such a thing as superior birth. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Pride & Prejudice torrent reviews

Bonnie Z (br) wrote: Good movie. I just have trouble getting into any movie where I have to read subtitles.

Nadine M (nl) wrote: interesting and informative!

david wayne b (mx) wrote: A must-see for any 12-Steppers!

Kristy R (kr) wrote: I waited 4 or 5 years for a copy of this, and I finally found it. It was not very good at all. It was so dull and not very memorable.

Beth G (nl) wrote: this isn't the tom hanks movie. i'm confused

Robbie H (it) wrote: not bad..some decent action and a chance to catch Gibson (if ur a Gibson fan) and Neill in some early work

Tyson P (nl) wrote: not a whole lot that i have to say about this one, fairly average horror with a semi origonal premise. Look it in the eyes and you die. looked fairly cool when people died but since there was no variation in the deaths it kind of got old. The actors all did a good job and the monk looked nice and creepy. im not let down by this movie i thought it was alright but its nothing too special.

Urban F (au) wrote: Old Strange, but a great old film.One of Reagan's best.

Sunil G (br) wrote: One scene is all I could take before changing the channel