Primo Basílio

Primo Basílio

Luísa is a romantic, dreamy and delicate young woman married to Jorge, an engineer, a man of good habits and good economic conditions. They didn't know each other well, but got married and ...

Luísa is a romantic, dreamy and delicate young woman married to Jorge, an engineer, a man of good habits and good economic conditions. They didn't know each other well, but got married and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Deborah A (ag) wrote: Great film produced by local Dallas people...thought provoking and well acted

Romeo H (br) wrote: With a promising first half, Martyrs could've been a violent and chilling revenge flick with it's interesting duo, but instead turns into a distasteful torture-porn bloodfest with no substance driving it's second half.

Dimitri C (es) wrote: The acting is stunning and the script is fantastic.

Kathi M (kr) wrote: I loved it when I was 11 and I still do.

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Steve W (nl) wrote: Despite being directed by Otto Preminger and a strong cast, the movie is very tame. Its very low key, it doesn't have a lot of thrills or anything too exciting. I've seen way better noir films.

William C (mx) wrote: Grade:Higher 8/10About a Boy is a charming Comedy (and a little romance) which shows asweet story played out excellently. With some great acting from thebest when it comes to this type of movie and also many greatcontributing factors, this is one big film which really is excellent.The script is tight, direction superb and even the setting is good toomake this, in my opinion a just about great film and one that even hasroom to grow.The story is one that can touch the heart yet also find your funny boneand by the end you should feel well... very pleasant. It is well timedall the way through and when the romantic areas are explored it holdsit's ground making this better than the majority of Romcoms out there.I felt it could have been maybe slightly more laugh out loud but in anycase it makes you giggle.Hugh Grant is excellent in the lead role and his relationship withNicholas Holt is one to be savoured for the future generation of filmlovers. Going on to Holt well his talent is plainly seen, not the bestactor here but his work with Grant makes both of them shine so muchthat awards could have been won big time. People like Toni Collette andRachel Weisz pitch in perfectly and they don't go understated when yourdone here.Many say this is one film which eclipses it's novel that it's based onand you can see why with such a strong script adapted beautifully andgiven so much rich depth that you finish the movie feeling you've seenthe best of British cinema. I think Chris and Paul Weitz do a good jobin directing and are part of the reason why Grant and Holt work sowell, the two seem to be able to mould them to each other and get thebest out of them.I think the main negativity comes from well very little, yes it lackssubstantial comedy but then again, when are many films like this cryingwith laughter affairs. I felt Nicholas Holt can be poor(yes I know he'sa child actor), I just felt he can seem to much like he is beingdirected and not portraying his true quality as an actor, but otherthan that very little is wrong with the film.If you like good old romps and a fun old adventure then this is for youas it really spans over a good year to show you truly everything abouteach main characters life. If your looking to be heart wrenched well Idon't think it will make you cry but no doubt it has it's sadder momentbut in any case, tissues should not be needed whilst viewing.Overall I give this a high 8/10 and think it was Just About an excellentcomedy and one that will be remembered for a long time. The chemistryof the leads is truly the stand out point from this movie and withoutnot just the characters but the two actors, this would have beengreatly at a disadvantage. Love it or hate it and it be slightly soppy,this movie is sure to have some feeling warm and fuzzy but I acceptsome others will feel slightly more not annoyed but maybe cheesy seeingas the majority of this movie is very one liner orientated, but theyall come out well.

Joe S (ru) wrote: Not a scary movie but I knew that going in. Acting wasn't very good but man did that leprechaun like to play with people before unleashing his final blow. Acting wasn't very good either