All Beto Hernandez wanted to do in life was to Rap- But how can he with all the Crazy Family, Friends & Foes in his Cartoony Life!?

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    4.00 out of 5
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  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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All Beto Hernandez wanted to do in life was to Rap- But how can he with all the Crazy Family, Friends & Foes in his Cartoony Life!? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amanda W (us) wrote: Different/Not Bad/Good/Liked.

Darius M (gb) wrote: OK. It??s like this. You are about to sit through a film, it is 245 minutes long, you will follow three stories of three people, you will not know their names, but you will have a narrator telling you everything that is happening, everything that will happen, everything that just happened. This film will feel like both a video game and an audio book, you will not merely sit there and watch, you will be part of the storytelling process, any errors made by the characters will probably be corrected by the narrator, so don??t you worry. During your film construction you may experience deliriousness, excitement, sadness, happiness, but make sure you concentrate, it won??t wait for you, or maybe it will, it all depends on the how the film is feeling today.

Emma E (it) wrote: love how they all ended up

Wiebke K (fr) wrote: The movie grew on me, and I think I partially liked it because I visited one of these places in Australia, Stewart House, built to give children a visit at the sea as escape from whatever is happening in their lives.

Casey B (ru) wrote: One of Woody's best films. Just a notch below Closer in the genre of "bad people in lust".

Cat L (jp) wrote: Hurlyburly is all about the acting and dialogue. Both are freakiiing crazy and enjoyable. but mostly freaking crazy.

Ryan J (de) wrote: Better than the 2nd...worse than the 1st. Entertaining to say the extreme least.

Stan G (mx) wrote: Havent seen it in a while but can see why I loved this movie. Absolutely mesmerizing in how you get caught up in this movie and truly feel emotionally invested in the characters. Couldn't fight back the tears that welled up in my eyes as I wiped them away.

Trevor D (ag) wrote: If you were to rank the films that carry the greatest burden of expectation, Vittorio de Sica's "Bicycle Thieves" would certainly be near the top of the list. But compared to others, such as the other two films to have topped Sight and Sound's famous critics poll--"Citizen Kane" and "Vertigo"-- "Bicycle Thieves" isn't really loaded with subtle visual metaphors, technical complexity, or weighty psychological depth; this is not the kind of movie you'll work to parse meaning from or wrestle to understand. Rather, its virtues are more immediately gratifying: a stunningly honest slice-of-life tale with lyrical cinemetography and deliberate pacing (that some might call slow or even dull; for me, the lack of rising action only served to sharply contrast the increasing monotony of utter hopelessness). Quite simply, this movie broke my heart.Enzo Staiola's performance as Bruno is justly regarded as brilliant; easily the best turn from a young actor since Jackie Coogan in Chaplin's "The Kid." Lamberto Maggiorani's performance, on the other hand, I find to be shockingly underrated-- even the most ardent lovers of the film will lament his stiff, nervous, unnatural acting, but I couldn't disagree more. His nervousness is pain, his eyes soulful and aching; the whole character presented as both a universal archetype and a specific, wounded man full of personality and inner life. It's an amazing, iconic performance.This is a film that comes loaded with baggage; the kind that might make a viewer say "Really? That's it?" because it might appear to be a "small" movie. But its relative "smallness" is deceptive, only serving to prove that movies are only as big or small as their emotional potency or thematic breadth will allow. In that sense, it's a movie that is infinite and universal in its scope-- which means "Bicycle Thieves" just might be the biggest movie of them all.

Eric N (mx) wrote: have not seen this yet but wondering how well a 2 hour plus movie can fully tell this story

Claudio P (us) wrote: Plot not credible at all, characters behave completely and unreasonably the opposite they normally do; accusations to heroes, considered the supernatural nature of the hostiles, appear foolish even for a 5 years old kid. Too bad after the good work around Ultron and AI