Film starring Shammi Kapoor, Vyjayanthimala and Rajendra Nath

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Jaxie S (it) wrote: This movie was amazing! Though the plot was somewhat predictable, the overall production was great!

Jason V (jp) wrote: Tom's pretty good even though the dialogue sometimes isn't.

Brian B (mx) wrote: One of the greatest action movies EVER!

Juliet M (us) wrote: hands down this movie is in my top 3 fav's of all time!! recognize!

Alexandra M (nl) wrote: So apparently I watched this out of order-having seen The Beyond first, but oh well. The eerie atmosphere is really one element of this film that I love. Everything's shrouded in blue mossy mistiness, although it makes it look more like a town in some bayou thanks somewhere in New England. Some of the best death scenes ever of course. Who can beat a girl puking her guts out (quite literally) C'mon people we've all been there. Soundtrack is pretty awesome although one part of it is pretty suspiciously similar to Zombi 2. Overall love this film.

Yaser M (it) wrote: the ending was a tear jerker..

Jamie C (ca) wrote: Apart from being random and having no story really, It was pretty good in a bad way, The main reason I liked this film has to be Tom Hardy he plays his part brilliant and bulked up so much, He really committed himself to the part, He even met the man himself to the learn how to act and talk like him, The film that made him what he is today, Dont watch it for the film itself it's nothing memorable but Tom Hardy's performance is.