Prince of Broadway

Prince of Broadway

Prince of Broadway is the story of Lucky and Levon, two men whose lives converge in the underbelly of New York's wholesale fashion district. Lucky, an illegal immigrant from Ghana, makes ends meet by soliciting shoppers on the street with knock-off brand merchandise. Levon, an Armenian-Lebanese immigrant, operates an illegal storefront with a concealed back room where counterfeit goods are showcased to interested shoppers. Lucky's world is suddenly turned upside down when a child is thrust into his life by a woman who insists the toddler is his son. While Lucky copes with his new domestic dilemma, Levon struggles to save a marriage that is falling apart. The seedy side of the wholesale district is revealed through a journey that continually confronts the interplay between what is fake and what is real.

Lee Daniels (producer, Precious) presents this New York street drama about the lives of immigrants in America seeking ideals of family and love, while creating their own knock-off of the American Dream. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Arif B (nl) wrote: Sadly this isn't that funny. It is meant to be a mockery of london based dramas, has knowing references - but just isn't funny enough. Shame cos I love ad.

anYa (es) wrote: it was hilarious best puertorican movie to this day well done ppl lol this is definitly us in the flesh curse word by curse word hahahahahahah

Giulio R (fr) wrote: If you feel stupid you'd better watch it!

Private U (de) wrote: Who would have thought that a dry, seemingly uninteresting story about the finding of the longitude by Yorkshire carpenter John Harrison could have been turned into an exciting adventure by authoress Dava Sobell? Outstanding performances from Michael Gambon and Jeremy Irons with a strong supporting cast. Absolutely gripping.

Paul D (it) wrote: Well told story of sexual repression in the early 20th century as well as being an excellent looking period drama.

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