Prince of Space

Prince of Space

When an alien force tries to invade Earth to steal a powerful new rocket fuel, a mysterious hero intervenes.

When an alien force tries to invade Earth to steal a powerful new rocket fuel, a mysterious hero intervenes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason C (mx) wrote: It is safe to say that Australia makes the best movies and this is another pretty solid one. It is well acted and shot and the story will keep you wondering where it is headed until the ending, which is pretty satisfying, sad and not predictable.

Kristi M (au) wrote: This movie is realistic, it's interesting seeing a movie that involves Native American tribes that I hadn't heard of, and a decent coming of age film...I just couldn't connect with it somehow. It's like, the story is there but if the acting was better and there were a few tweaks it could have been a lot better.

Cody L (nl) wrote: It had some creepy and intense moments, but the characters were just so unbelievably dumb. as far as the ending, I was fine with it. but the website bit was stupid.

Tyler H (ag) wrote: A horrible film in my opinion. This uneccesary sequel to a very successful trilogy ruins the whole first three movies reputation. Its plot simply has no interesting points and its action is way off from the first three movies. Very disappointing. And its hefty budget is wasted as I was expecting better.

katie c (fr) wrote: im currently writing an artivcle on why this is the best movie of all time, ill send u guys the link when im down, thanks. P>S> great film, thank u for all the hard work.

Charlie M (au) wrote: The Class is not a film for the escapist within us, it's there for the realist.

HungYa L (au) wrote: Before I get to watch the classic Punch-Drunk Love that so many people talked about, Spanglish would be my favorite Adam Sandler movie. He really did good in it and the story is good, too.

Cita W (ru) wrote: Wasn't as entertaining as I expected. But I learned a new word from it though so I guess it's worth it.

Danielle S (jp) wrote: Fifteen years ago, Michael Chapman (Michael J. Fox) was a pint-sized TV superstar, the wisecracking cute kid on a sitcom called Life with Mikey. Now, long after leaving professional acting behind, he and his brother, Ed (Nathan Lane), run a talent agency for children with marginal-to-nonexistent ability. Their fortunes are sinking quickly until Michael runs into 10-year old pickpocket Angie Vega on the street. He's so impressed by the performance she gives when she's caught lifting some guy's wallet that he invites her to the agency for an audition. Michael J. Fox has never been a great comic actor, but he usually does an adequate job (as in Back to the Future and Doc Hollywood). Not so in Life with Mikey, his character is completely unconvincing. Christina Vidal, a newcomer, supplies the only brief bursts of liveliness available in this otherwise-stagnant picture, but she still has a lot of rough edges.

Libero S (es) wrote: Hard Boiled is perhaps the most stylish and bold action movie I have had the privilege of viewing. The film gets everything right, the cinematography is beautiful, the action scenes are well paced and the performances are great particularly that of Chow Yun-Fat. The film I felt, has a perfect balance of style and substance and Woo's action movies have a distinct tone in comparison to any other flimsy Action flicks out there, making the film very unique. In addition to this, the slow motion gunfights are superbly shot, these chaotic gunfights really are something to check out the movie for. We aren't watching a clich ridden movie here, we are seeing an entirely unique style of filmmaking and what a fantastic style it is.

Issac L (ca) wrote: My second Jules Dassin(TM)s film after NIGHT AND THE CITY (1950, 7/10), and out of my expectation it(TM)s an exotic Turkish heist adventurer with a blithe tone and meticulous detail-solidification with regard to the theft action.The film starts with a tawdry but foxy Melina Mercouri (Dassin(TM)s muse and future wife) enigmatically introducing her craving to steal the most precious jewelled dagger from Topkapi museum, her kitschy costume and the settings are antiquated enough to divert the film into a burlesque frivolousness, but when her entire team assembles (including the male-counterpart mastermind Maximilian Schell), with an additional interlope, a small-con schmo? (the Oscar-winning Peter Ustinov), the film regains its vigour and flair in its strongest form to manoeuvre a seamless treasure-replacement theft, benchmarks an exemplar of its genre which haven't been overshadowed since then, the escape strategy during a Turkish old-wrestling (Krkpnar) pageantry is no less pleasant to watch against the trickery(TM)s predictability, and far more thrilling is the actual stunts which thoroughly generate a gravitating magnetism on the screen lest as little as one needle(TM)s dropping would scupper the plan. But the pathos-bathos irrefutably comes in the end, in the public media, where no one should dare wrote an ode to theft, no matter how benevolent those convicts are in person, thus the finale has to be a received compromise which still is in line with the filmic light-hearted air. Ustinov, is so congenital and always oozes a screen-friendly affability and warmth in his presence, whose second Oscar win of a borderline supporting role is well-earned by lifting the entertainment-heavy film onto a stratum of character-engaging experience. An appearance combo of Debra Messing and Anne Bancroft, the nymphomaniac Melina Mercouri stands still as the shallow and narrow-written role of an anti-femme fatale brain, and a gorgeous Maximilian Schell is shamefully eclipsed by his chubby sidekick, whose circumscribed performance nevertheless at least arouse my curiosity to delve into his filmography a bit deeper.

Meredith W (it) wrote: I found the novel very self- indulgent so was not in a hurry to see the film. It is better, only because of the visual imagery integral to the different medium. The section in Italy is particularly impressive and would make any foodie want to at least holiday there. Gorgeous scenery and delicious looking, indulgent food. As for the storyline - self-indulgent like the book, full of fortune-cookie spirituality. An overly rich, self-absorbed, self-indulgent American woman goes off to the "mystical east" to "find herself", leaving a trail of destruction in her wake, good life and a good husband.

Jamie B (gb) wrote: A documentary that absolutely sucks you in.

Hans B (de) wrote: Cheesy ethnic comedy, far from Reality..

Don N (us) wrote: Five star monster makeup and a Danny Elfman score. The rest is a notch below an episode of CHiPs

kyo 9 (ag) wrote: Didn't have the impact that we all expect from ex-James Bond..

Cameron H (fr) wrote: You may have heard of Watergate. This movie is based on the real-life experiences of Washington Post journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, who were the primary investigators of the scandal. I could tell you that this is the story of how they uncovered the truth of the Republican re-election committee's crimes in spying and sabotaging the efforts of the respective Democratic committee. However, that would not be entirely representative of what the story tells and how it is told. All the President's Men does not go into much detail about exactly how they cornered several committee members, including Nixon himself, to pleading guilty. See, this is not a feel-good movie. Instead, among their efforts to find on-record proof, we are treated to the details of their dead ends and shaky inferences. They barely have a clue as to what is truth and what is conspiracy; the closer they get to confirming the truth, the more fearful they are of the consequences of their actions. Director Alan Pakula crafts an atmosphere of paranoia through a figurative gas leak -- initially, an odd smell pervades the airs in attempts to interview witnesses, and overtime, Pakula seals the enclosure to test how much longer Woodward and Bernstein can breathe. And boy, do Rob Redford (Woodward) and Dustin Hoffman (Bernstein) choke. (Not as actors, to clarify.) The dark side of Washington DC shines best -- that is, the least -- in Woodward's visits to his government cohort Deep Throat (Hal Holbrook). These are the most hopeful times for Woodward to reach a revelation, but the revelations keep getting darker and darker, upon each visit. All the President's Men highlights how unglamorous the lifestyle of even the most heroic journalists is, as well as the sick, sinking feeling that comes with such investigation. The interpolations of real-life coverage on the government's responses to this investigation only further emphasize the horrors of their actions.