Prince Valiant

Prince Valiant

An Arthurian legend of young Prince Valiant, son of the King of Scandia. After the King is exiled by an evil leader, the Prince travels to Camelot to secure the aid of King Arthur in helping restore his family to power and prevent a plot by the Black Knight.

In a time now lost in the mists of memory, the great King Arthur rules in the legendary citadel that is Camelot. His Knights of the Round Table commit acts of derring-do and spend their ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jun Woo P (kr) wrote: This is my favorite DC animation of all time.

Steve S (jp) wrote: Solid, fairy tale fun. The giants are cool.

xGary X (fr) wrote: A Paris cop encounters a series of victims with the same strange markings around their eyes and tracks his suspect to a hi-tec trauma hospital. Chrysalis features a premise built around memory manipulation, very much in the same vein as Total Recall and has the same blend of washed out cinematography and near future technology as Minority Report. Throw in some bone crunching fist fights and a couple of shoot outs and you have a French tech noir executed with some visual panache but little in the way of original ideas. What there is of it is efficiently done but the plot is a little too flimsy and the twist in the tale glaringly obvious, making the conclusion fail to live up to the promise of its early scenes. It's certainly not a bad film by any means, but the extremely similar Minority Report is so much better.

Andy S (fr) wrote: I've always liked Lundgren, kinda low budget affairs in the same vein as Van Damme... usually set in Europe somewhere which is always a good point for me too and this with no exception is set in Russia... cool!Great views... good action... wooden acting and lots of blood splattering fun!A great way to while away a saturday nite of dvd viewage!

Joe K (it) wrote: Belongs buried in a litterbox

Sydney Y (mx) wrote: Another one of my favorites, mainly because of Reese Witherspoon. Also, the whole idea of having that one true love from your past, particularly with the southern charm, makes the heart warm.

Kerby H (au) wrote: I didn't like this movie for the message, because I couldn't care less about racism in Hollywood. What I do think is that Spike Lee incredibly directed this with a perfect mix of satire, comedy, drama, and history. The blackface and unbelievable amount of racism was definitely over the top, but the layering of this film was a lot of fun to watch. Damon Wayan's was great, but Savion Glover was amazing when he started to feel guilty. The entire film takes a humongous turn with about 20 minutes left, and the compilation of Black History in TV was perfect.

Andrew L (us) wrote: Brilliant family movie. An animated classic

Blake P (mx) wrote: Unless it's delivered with a smile, body horror isn't much my forte. When tongues aren't firmly in cheek a la "The Evil Dead" or "Re-Animator," I couldn't care less about pounds of gore and goop being splattered about with unsightly griminess. Because the viewing of a film that gets its jollies from toying with its characters' bodily functions is already psychologically heavy enough as it is, important is a sense of humor that assures us that its maker is a cinephile with a dark vision and not a disturbed self-proclaimed artiste provided with a decent enough budget by a surprisingly willing studio. Not that I'm primed to call Clive Barker, the mastermind behind the ins-and-outs of the unpleasant "Hellraiser," disturbed per se - that'd be insulting to his quote unquote array of talents. What I'd prefer to call him is a faux horror maestro with a bad habit of believing that horror and gore are synonymous. He presents his images of bodily destruction and moral incineration not with a side dish of dread nor with a sprinkling of tension but with flat detachment. Like the more grotesque works to come out of David Cronenberg's oeuvre, with images of "Videodrome" and "Dead Ringers" coming to mind, we leave "Hellraiser" feeling uncomfortable, dirty. This is an ugly film, devoid of emotion and human decency. Its special effects are magnificent, all convincing gobbledegook that make the right impressions. But aside from the proficiency of the art department, the film makes for a brutal experience, able to inspire depressed winces and blatant misery but not much else. How could it rouse anything else, anyway, if the movie follows an unhappily married woman's (Clare Higgins) sinful quest to complete the reincarnation of her undead lover (Sean Chapman) by killing innocents? There is more to the story, I suppose. That said undead lover got himself killed in the first place by purchasing an exotic puzzle box able to transport him into the underworld (which eventually becomes a major plot device), and that said unhappily married woman is currently married to her deceased boyfriend's brother (Andrew Robinson). But I'd rather not get into the details of "Hellraiser" because it'd do nothing besides force me to relive the torment I experienced during viewing. Unlike the thrill-seeking zeitgeist of most horror movies, the film flops around in a puddle of dejection and carnage, never to do anything besides arouse disgust. "Hellraiser" has ample opportunity to be something more than a dour mood piece - it could have fun with the introduction of its side antagonists, the Cenobites (a legendary bunch led by the instantaneously recognizable Pinhead), and it could use its gore as an exaggerative measure to complement the eccentric nightmarishness of its central conflict. But Barker seems to prefer static suffering to persuasive emotional manipulation, which might be fine for him and for the not-so faint of heart but not so much for anyone who craves pulse pounding fear in their horror movies. Because this is a behemoth of evil targeting the gag reflex more than the mind and the heart, I'm more inclined to recommend staying clear of its callous ways. Its protagonists are thinly sketched, its antagonists one-note in their maleficence. But if flesh ripping and blood spewing and concepts of never-ending trauma is up your alley, "Hellraiser" is more than likely a movie worth seeing. That just doesn't mean I have to like it for everything it somehow manages to do right.

Jesse F (ca) wrote: While it does have it's moments and the idea of the killer stalking virgins is refreshing change for a slasher film, the film itself is kind of boring and tries to take itself to seriously instead of having gore and nudity like this kind of slasher film should have.