Princess Iron Fan

Princess Iron Fan

The story was liberally adapted from a short sequence in the popular Chinese folk tale Journey to the West. Princess Iron Fan is a main character. Specifically, the film focused on the duel between the Monkey King and a vengeful princess, whose fan is desperately needed to quench the flames that surround a peasant village.

Three travelers needing to pass through a fiery mountain seek the magical fan of a princess, but she does not wish to part with it. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Arnold C (fr) wrote: Movie lacks plot characters lacks characteristic. Waste of two hours. Leader of killing pack has no purpose and his followers are idiots, literally retards. Entire movie make no sense.

Drew M (nl) wrote: 4 Stars. Oyelowo is fantastic in this. Others give worthy performances as well, but Oyelowo's somber performance really shined a light on a side I always really wondered about someone in MLK's position. He did an excellent job conveying MLK's deep inner existential crises he went through during this stage of his life. I have some bones with the editing of the film and people over doing their accents but there's really not a lot that is negative about the film and it's craft. Very well shot and competently directed. It's nice to see a film with real conviction.

Shawn B (ca) wrote: I consider myself a pretty big Justin Long whore, I mean fan. I think he's an incredibly talented, very very funny (both physically and in the traditional sense) and just a damn fine actor, especially of my generation. Speaking of my generation, he is the Bill Murray of exactly that. So I plan on checking out every one of his fine films. And Taking Chances is just one of those. Justin Long plays Chase Revere, a young man who is just trying to write some of his own history in a great big world. Director Talmage Cooley takes us with him on his first feature film in which he also wrote. Chase is the towns soul means of retracing its important history, though no one else really seems to care, even his own father. His best friend in the whole world, Digger, lets him in on the towns newest secret. They plan on building an Indian casino right on the field that at one point or another housed a very important battle during the Revolutionary War. Digger is played by Keir O'Donnell, a very talented young actor whom you may remember as Todd from Wedding Crashers and more recently as the main baddy from Paul Blart: Mall Cop. Soon Chase drives by a very beautiful Lucy, played by the equally beautiful Emmanuelle Chriqui of Entourage fame. Together Chase and Lucy start a protest of the new casino, much to the chagrin of the rest of the town, as they are all excited for the possiblity of new income. But what the town doesn't know is that the Mayor (played expertly by Rob Corddry) and some other folks are putting most of the town up as collateral for a bribe to the Indian clan to build on their land. The story takes a turn for the worse when Lucy, who Chase is really starting to fall for is ousted as having an affair with the Mayor, which totally makes Chase rethink everything about his character and his future. And to me, that is the downfall of the movie. I get it, things don't always work out for the best and not every scene has to be happy. But I just think this particular arch of the story is not needed. But then again I guess they had to have a reason to go from point A to point B. I just wonder if something a little more creative and not so detrimental could have been used. But thats just coming from a me. Middle of the story arch aside, the ending is one of the better ones I've seen. I won't give it away, but I will say it isn't the ending I wanted to see, but it still worked on a high level. I'm a sucker I guess ... I probably always will be.

AnaMa J (ag) wrote: Weerasethakul says that the film is about "how we remember, how our sense of happiness can be triggered by seemingly insignificant things.Time is collapsed to mimic a pattern of remembering and to manifest my belief in the idea of reincarnation. This is the third film in which I've used the structure to explore dualities, and I think it will be the last. The word 'Syndromes' could apply equally to Blissfully Yours or Tropical Malady : it does refer to human behavior, such as the way we fall in love. I don't intend the word to have negative connotations; if falling in love is a kind of sickness, it's one for which we all show symptoms. 'Century' for me conveys the sense of moving forward. A century is more or less the same as a lifetime. I'm interested in the ways things change over time, and in the ways they don't change. It seems to me that human affairs remain fairly constant."To me this movie speaks about the small wonders of life, with very humorous side I didn't expected from Thai people. The characters are so gentle and innocent, It is just a delight to follow their graceful behavior.

Jess W (ca) wrote: It doesn't seem like it follows the book, but i still want to see it!

Henri N (ag) wrote: classic Jarmucsh movie!

Tim D (ca) wrote: I don't usually mind Van Damme films but this has to be up there with some of the worst films I've seen. Very poor

Mark Z (jp) wrote: Even though this movie was filmed in the mid 30's the script is as adult and timely as any contemporary drama dealing with a 20 year marriage headed for disolution. Expertly acted by Walter Huston as Mr.Dodsworth, a plain spoken retired mid- American industrialist and Ruth Chatterton as his (slightly) younger wife looking for something more now that she persuaded her husband to retire and take a European vacation. What happens during that vacation is both heartbreaking and heartwarming. See it when TCM has it or rent it.You'll see