Prison of Hell: K3

Prison of Hell: K3

Three women attempt a daring escape from K3, a women's prison where the inmates are abused by the physician and guards, all under the watchful eye of the sadistic female warden.

Three women attempt a daring escape from K3, a women's prison where the inmates are sexually abused by the physician and guards, all under the watchful eye of the sadistic female warden. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Omar A (br) wrote: A pretty entertaining 'Hamlet' adaptation.

Konrad R (jp) wrote: A bit bizarre choice of leading actor, but quite interesting movie. Might be too slow-paced for some, otherwise I would call it British version of 'Blow'.

Barnaby S (de) wrote: Very stupid and funny .

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Asif K (fr) wrote: charming Rom-com drama. memorable music, good movie.

Manie Jr M (jp) wrote: want to see this AGAIN.

Jonathan C (de) wrote: A visually good looking movie that has some thrills and good moments, but fails miserably to measure up to it's two predecessors.


Spencer H (ca) wrote: Tim Burton made a real good movie, Johnny Depp owns it as the title character.

Dann M (gb) wrote: The long awaited sequel to Chinatown continues the story of Jake Gittes as he investigates the seedy underbelly of L.A. in The Two Jakes. This time Jake is caught up in a murder case when his client kills a man that's sleeping with his wife, but evidence soon comes to light that suggests that it was less of a crime of passion and more of an elaborate trap. Jack Nicholson, Harvey Keitel, Madeleine Stowe, and Meg Tilly form and especially strong cast, and give great performances. The characters and the mystery are quite compelling, but the plot's overly convoluted and detracts from the rest of the film. While The Two Jakes has its flaws, it still delivers a smart and stylistic film-noir that's captivating and provocative.

Mattias E (fr) wrote: I suspect late HK-legend Blacky Ko had no idea what a dreamteam he created when he decided to cast a young Stephen Chow alongside cantopop singer Jacky Cheung in this classic action comedy, adlibbing their way throughout with perfect timing and unaffected chemistry. Obviously inspired by proto cop buddy flicks from the US at the time, it's interesting to note how cheap HK productions like Curry and Pepper later became the blueprint for Hollywood clones like the Rush Hour series. Curry and Pepper also features the outstanding camerawork of Andrew Lau, later of Infernal Affairs fame. As a DP Lau was able, like no other cinematographer I know, to recreate the special atmosphere of HK on screen.

intuciic (mx) wrote: alright.. quite typical

Tyler S (es) wrote: Not much to say about this film.The plot was preposterous and it just never made sense.I kept waiting for something to click with the film but it never happened.

Anders A (de) wrote: Maybe the only watchable film from Schumacher. Starts off pretty okay building a character whose life is falling down litterly. Asbergers or something in the like, cutting corners in the fear section, as he is striving through rough areas of L.A.. A knife in the stomach of the states, it's certainly bleeding.

WS W (ag) wrote: Fair, although I remember it felt better when first watching back then.

Kevin V (au) wrote: Very good horror film

Tom S (mx) wrote: It's basically Animal House directed by Richard Linklater. Linklater's at his strongest when there's a magic in his exploration of the mundane. That's probably impossible in the case of frat houses. Personally, I prefer Animal House.

Debby P (it) wrote: Emma Thompson and Robert Carlyle are brilliant. Best movie I have seen in ages.