Private Lessons

Private Lessons

A sexy piano teacher is the object of desire of one of the young boys in her class. One of his classmates finds out where she lives and hides outside her place, taking pictures of her ...

A sexy piano teacher is the object of desire of one of the young boys in her class. One of his classmates finds out where she lives and hides outside her place, taking pictures of her ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aakash G (es) wrote: just a time killer nothing much..just could't match the hype it created before the release..the story starts with nikhil(sidharth) and his marriage to her long time gf karishma whum he thinks is the best available girl for him and hence has to do everything for her,with the help of her in law's money but ofcourse . . . comes meeta(pariniti) from nowhere,karishma's sister who ran away 7 years back from her sister's wedding after stealing some money from her rich dad ofcourse and wants to have another robbery at her house to support her phd reasearch work in china and then the movie shifts from the marriage to the lonely depressed neeta who eats antidepressants which karishma thinks are simply nikhil hides neeta in her place away from her family and in a few days falls in love with neeta n so does neeta too for obvious reasons and then the movie shifts to some drama in nikhil's life because of both karishma and neetaeven after parineeti's good screenplay,still feel the movie was simply over rated!!had no strong story as such and only neeta had some strength in her character in the whole movie and being a comedy n romantic movie could find neither of the two actually..half extra star rating for parineeti's good work else the movie had nothing going in its way at any moment

Stanley F (gb) wrote: Here's a quirky film that tries something new. At least it tries. Take a dollop of absurdism a la Salvador Dali. Mix with French philosophical gobbledegook, add a whiff of old-fashioned romance and stand well clear. This film uses the set and pacing to express the actor's emotions rather than the acting itself. For example, in the early "whirlwind" stage of romancing, the actors whizz around and the scene changes are manic -you can't keep up with all the visuals-which are certainly well imagined and maybe deserving of more consideration. As the girl falls into illness, a cobwebby grime covers the windows and makes the lighting progressively darker. This is nothing new to film, but here it's used far more boldly .I'm not convinced of its effectiveness when used with such a heavy brushstroke, or maybe it's that the actors just ca't pull it off.There's a recurring scene wherein a bunch of people sit in an office typing on a set of old-fashioned typewriters that move along and pass to the next worker- it's a bit like that old game of "consequences" that us middle-classes used to play at Christmas (much more fun if Auntie had had too much sherry) the inference seems to be that our lives are being written by someone else and that it's all a bit haphazard and chaotic. Ok , so it feels like that at times. But the film suffers for too much imagery. The mind can't take it all in. I didn't really get to care for the characters, always a problem when you wish to immerse yourself in a film to experience it. Not as much fun as the good parts of Hotel Budapest, but a nice change to the same-old-same-old summer blockbuster garbage

Joey S (fr) wrote: A low-budget film that explores the pasts of three former high school friends, Tape is a little too slow for its own good, but it has some great acting from the three stars and the dialogue is still engrossing in that typical Richard Linklater way.

Justin R (ru) wrote: A descent pirate adventure with the buccaneer on the rum himself, Captain Henry Morgan

Chris A (br) wrote: one of the best films ive seen. very funny, very twisted. not many people have heard of this but its well worth the recomendation.

Robert K (mx) wrote: Very funny and poignant. Probably best understood if you've been to the poor parts of Italy.

Ben P (de) wrote: This movie is full of great character actors, but isn't actually good.

Dave N (mx) wrote: not as great as the first few but still good for lots of laughs!

The Phantom C (jp) wrote: Faces is an intriguing film with a realistic tone.

Aniko V (ag) wrote: nice. but a little too old to be very funny.

Joey F (it) wrote: Surprisingly, a certified fresh film I didn't like. Mostly due to the exagerrated acting. The story isn't that bad, though not very clever either. Linda Fiorentino tries to be a strong woman as cold-hearted as Sharon Stone, but while doing this looks like an arrogant high school-girl. The male characters supposed to be seduced could be a little less naive and boyish, after all they are supposed to be well-educated, successful men.I stay puzzled how this could get a better rating than Basic Instinct.

scott b (it) wrote: This movie is very funny. It is kidish but you'll love it. You have to see this one.