Private Number 91-Karlsson

Private Number 91-Karlsson

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Jason K (gb) wrote: very well done, practical effects, good script thats not bloated down with unneeded backstory, and Imogen Poots.....who impresses once again.

Kashfia F (us) wrote: One of my favorite comics ever <3..excited to see this!

David P (kr) wrote: Mildly amusing video game level animated movie that desperately wants to be more horrifying than the ALIEN movies, more spectacular than UROTSUKIDOJI: LEGEND OF THE OVERFIEND & cooler than the 1981 movie HEAVY METAL but fails miserably at even coming close. Referencing famous writers by giving the spaceships names such as Isaac Clarke & O'Bannon only emphasizes how little talent was involved in this project.

Benjamin J (de) wrote: There's some murders and some tits.

Jeff S (ag) wrote: Interesting concept but constantly plays it safe

Jerome V (ru) wrote: Interesting film with definite Donnie Darko vibes. Pitt delivers a solid performance, as always, a distinct contrast from his Funny Games persona. Not crazy about the movie, but the animated characters alone warrant mention. They're damn good and creepy to boot.

Matt V (ca) wrote: Completely mad, relatively complicated plot deftly told in what is essentially silent film. It tells the tale of the characters at a bathhouse in disrepair, but the abstract remains abstract... and wonderful. Wild fun.

Cody B (us) wrote: Pretty funny for the first half hour to an hour, then the rest just dragged. Follows normal vampire rules. Music was pretty good, in my opinion. You do get the Wes Craven vibe.

corey m (nl) wrote: Look THEE anime that makes me question why people were so impressed with Avatar. Visually stunning literal eye candy! Satoshi Kon is a genius, it's why i have all his films (except for Tokyo Godfathers).

Kevin L (br) wrote: This is exactly the kind of indie art house absurdist cinema that I would have LOVED back when this first came out. Although it's still interesting, I do find this kind of thing a little pretentious these days, not judged on it's own merits but due to all the stuff that has come out since this one premiered. If you have liked any of Jane Campion's films in the last 2 decades, then you would probably also like this.

Eric H (us) wrote: This is a great film. It succeeds on every level and really needs to apologize for nothing. The casting is exquisite - Charles Martin Smith is simply perfect as the somewhat overwhelmed academic who finds himself smack in the middle of his most anticipated/feared situation. Brian Dennehy is terrific as Rosie. "How do you beat boredom, Tyler? ... Adventure!". That may be one of my all-time favorite movie quotes. Many of us wish we had the nerve to accept this type of challenge and the self-awareness it will reveal. I have experienced the horror of finding myself lost, miles from any vestige of civilization, and the reaction of Tyler is spot on. Unlesss you've been there, you really can't get it. This film captures the experience of a man virtually alone in the wild as few have.

Bob W (jp) wrote: Odd subject matter with the main character having childhood flashbacks again and again. An acting tour de force for Joanne Woodward. Instead of taking the depressing tragedy route, it shows the character growing and provides hope in the end.

Private U (ag) wrote: This is such a happy movie, it is one of my absolute favorites, ever!!! Everyone should see it!

Annelie M (it) wrote: This movie is so creepy. And I didn't know Ronald Reagan was such a stud!

Eibo S (fr) wrote: Pretty terrible for the classic title and claims of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The actual transition between Jekyll and Hyde that is meant to kill Lanyon was absolutely disappointing. Not to mention Hyde wasn't horrifying at all, just looking like gay. And most of the movie surrounded the court case and he tore up the envelope. Utterly disappointed

Carolyn A (mx) wrote: I thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful movie. This was a movie with an actual story with believable characters portrayed so excellently by the lead actors.Hollywood should make more of these type of movies instead of some of the crap they crank out. Bravo!