Private Obsession

Private Obsession

First-class fashion model, Emanuelle Griffith is missing. Richard Tate knows exactly where she is and plans to keep her there until she knows her place: subordinate to men. But Emannuelle has more brains than you would expect from her pretty face. She's waiting for her chance to turn his obsession. That one second of passion in which the prisoner becomes the hostage taker...

Emanuelle, a world famous fashion model, is held captive by Richard Tate, a crazed fan. Richard wants her for himself but Emanuelle uses her main assets to try and escape. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lief T (us) wrote: A fun watch on Halloween! '

stefn birgir s (nl) wrote: Christopher Guest must be spinning in his bed.

Olivier B (nl) wrote: You willl be just like in old time.

Tim H (it) wrote: Decent finale to the series still leaves things open for future follow ups.

Brian S (gb) wrote: More between two and a half and three stars. Cause, as far as being a prequel, many have said for it to be like a complete remake of the 2003 remake. And in a way, there're pretty right, it's still the same old tirerying cliched stuff, accompanied by some info on the crazy ass family of Leatherface and buckets of outrageous, but well done, torture and mutilation. There's really not much creativity into it, it's another of those flicks hat are made just for those bucks. Wortha little loo if you've seen the remake.

Amber B (br) wrote: I've seen this about 3 times already I can't get even of it. But it was good!

David L (ca) wrote: Wouldn't say this is a particularly memorable film but what I do remember is that it was mildly amusing for 90 minutes. I'd say it's like a leaner version of the goonies, which is missing a huge slice of entertainment. Aimed at a slightly more adolescent audience, it has several sexual references, choice language, greater violence, but a similar plot - a group of school friends going in search of treasure. In all honesty, there's not a great deal more to say on this, and even Wikipedia managed to sum it up in a single paragraph. The main thing I've taken from this is a loving for the rocked up version of Louis Armstrong's 'What a Wonderful World', but the rest was merely a slice of fun that won't be relived in a hurry. Given the actors, there was perhaps the potential to provide a greater number of laughs but I feel that its failure to amuse is more likely a sign of me growing out of the maturity bracket that this was actually targeting. 20 years ago maybe, but not now!

Logan M (de) wrote: My Big Fat Greek Wedding" is an easy to cherish slice-of-life about family and tradition.

Ryan S (it) wrote: the story of Robin Hood or Robin of ( insert name here ) has been told many times through many different ways, Kevin Costner portraying Robin Hood isn't on my Best Roles list. Alan Rickman wasn't a believable sheriff and this is the same guy years later portraying Professor Snape. It felt more like a young Robin Hood tale and it didn't help that it was two hours long. It was a decent adventure something to enjoy on a rainy day, just don't go in thinking it's going to wow you at every corner. I still consider Russell Crowe to be a better Robin Hood, with honorable mentions going to Disney of course..

Andrew C (mx) wrote: Good filming, good acting, it was an enjoyable thriller/horror. It seemed more like one of those movies that kind of leaves you with questions about what is going on. Like what was the trench, what was it they were fighting against, etc. If you like to theorize about what it all meant and discuss it with your friends then you'll like this one. If you like having a tangible enemy with all of your questions answered by the end of the movie, you probably won't enjoy this. This movie does make me wish we could add spoiler comments into a field though, just to get other peoples' thoughts without ruining it for others.

Blind P (au) wrote: Solid British noir that I may be underrating slightly due to the fact that it displays a workmanlike efficiency and adherence to logical progression without standing out in any area as memorable for a particular scene or piece of dialogue. Without these memorable moments that films like White Heat and Kiss Me Deadly have, to name two, it comes and goes as an entertainment that stands up over the years, which is always impressive, but on the level of a 1960s cop TV show.

Kent B (ag) wrote: Only Agatha Christie could produce a surprise murder mystery greater than her Ten Little Indians.

Benji G (es) wrote: Well done performances by the ensemble and a good script highlight the monster movie Cloverfield, which remains fun despite the over-reliance on use of shaky-cam and noticeably bad CGI in some scenes.

Cem Regi Pixelmannen (gb) wrote: Bad, but still some exitment in it...

Deepak M (mx) wrote: Incredibly funny documentary about one man's quest to add the one elusive exhibit to his one-of-a-kind museum.

Jennifer R (us) wrote: cool premise, but the acting was so bad it made it hard to watch the movie