Privates on Parade

Privates on Parade

It is 1947, the year of the communist rebellion in Malaya and the British army's SADUSEA (Song And Dance Unit South East Asia) are called to the Malayan Jungle to entertain the troops. The eccentric, bible-bashing Major Giles Flack (John Cleese) is in command of the unit. Flack is accompanied by an ageing, theatrical drama queen, Terri Dennis (Denis Quilley) who hopes to entertain the troops with his flamboyant impressions, but the bored troops find other ways to enjoy themselves.

The members of SADUSEA (Song And Dance Unit South East Asia) fall in and out of love while trying to dodge Malayan Communist bullets in the late 1940s. Not only that, they have to contend ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tracy W (ru) wrote: A subtle social satire powerful in its own right.

Private U (kr) wrote: A great cast taking on what feels like multiple storylines just when you think one has ended. Funny people will make you laugh and feel.

Dave S (mx) wrote: Heather Graham looks sexy in black tights throughout and she features in one very hot scene at approx 46:47.

Private U (de) wrote: It's just's artistic and tragic. The characters are genuine. And it's all true. What more can you really ask for in a movie? It's great.

Matt H (jp) wrote: Lots of propaganda, but still a decent story.

Raji K (kr) wrote: Oliver Stone co-writes and directs his take on the game of football in Any Given Sunday. Pacino is coach Tony D'Amato, a coach who has proved he can win, but has somewhat of a struggling team on his hands that has lost 3 straight in a row. To make matters worse, his starting quarterback Jack Rooney (Dennis Quaid), and his backup quarterback have both been knocked out of the game. This leaves it up to the third string quarter back Willie Beamen (Jamie Foxx) who must take the helm despite being awfully green. As Beamen progresses through the season he realizes he must balance all the various pressures that come with being a quarterback. This includes everything from making his receivers happy, understanding the defense, and the pressures of completing plays from both his coach and offensive coordinator. D'Amato has to handle the struggles of his pressing owner Christina Pagniacci (Cameron Diaz), and keep his team together with the rookie quarterback at helm. Wide receivers and Linebackers need and want their stats and credit too, and have to play through injury or at other times be protected from themselves as they try and play when they shouldn't. Any Given Sunday is a pretty solid football drama. Stone tries to capture all aspects and surrounding elements of football. This includes the game itself, but also the characters and pressures off the field. This includes nothing short of pesky reporters, drugs, selfish players, and many of the other sacrifices that have to be made to keep the team going. The casting of Jim Brown and Lawrence Taylor give the film a more realistic and hard-nosed edge to the film. The film is well directed and in a chaotic fashion that tries to match the intensity of the sport. In some cases, he goes a bit far such as the slow-motion rain sequence, or a player losing an eye on the field, but overall Stone does a good job portraying realistic characters and scenarios. The film is a good change of pace from the football comedy, or the traditional biographical football film. -1.21.2017

ra r (us) wrote: All star cast film, perhaps Wesley Snipes best work. Honestly never was a fan of his but great work in this gangster drug lord of a film. Excellent performance all around including especially Ice T.

Ryan K (mx) wrote: Another fantastic and suspenceful crime thriller about one of the few unsolveable cases where the murder's identity is still unknown. The film is scary and horrific in recreating the murder scenes while also being a compelling and interesting mystery trying to catch the Zodiac killer. David Fincher was a perfect choice to tackle such a scary and dark film that deals with twists and turns. I love Fincher and being one of my favorite directors this is one of his best as well.