Profanadores de tumbas

Profanadores de tumbas


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:1966
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:wrestling,   superhero,  

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Profanadores de tumbas torrent reviews

Nicholas A (jp) wrote: The horror of putting ourselves in cages.

Dave R (kr) wrote: Well wow the crazy girl made another movie it had its funny moments I must say but still was a alright movie not the best but the worst either

Craig R (gb) wrote: The worst movie I have ever seen

Xavier B (br) wrote: What an awesome movie

Private U (kr) wrote: This movie struck a chord in me. I loved it.

Dylan K (gb) wrote: wow this movie was an embarrassing just for its dumb villain.

Donegal H (us) wrote: A few moments of laughter, but overall quite disappointing. I guess I'll stick with Life Of Brian.

Haruna H (ru) wrote: soap opera. about a uni student in N.Y. and her life, relationship with 2 guys.

Tim S (gb) wrote: A great road movie that ruminates on ideas of freedom, rejection of the establishment, and counterculture in 1960's America.

Jana K (kr) wrote: it was a terrible movie

Jacqueline C (kr) wrote: I'm a Doris Day fan. Her movies are usually so much fun to watch! And this one was no exception. Yeah, it's no "Pillow Talk," but it's still 97 minutes well spent. It was kind of weird listening to Jack Lemmon's speech at the town hall. 1950's nostalgia for a bygone era, whereas today it's usually the 1950s that we're nostalgic for. Which is maybe why I like watching Doris Day....

D M (fr) wrote: The townsfolk who live just outside a military base start dying gruesome deaths, so the town gets into an uproar blaming the secret atomic-powered tests which take place overhead. The local police do not want to work with the military in discovering the source of these problems, so there is much speculation on both sides. Decent, but rather unnoticed in a year that produced genre-classics such as The Fly, The Blob, and Horror of Dracula! Cool and creepy single frame animation at the end.

Bob V (ru) wrote: A follow-up film to "Cat People", though not related in plot, it incorporates the same elements: suggestive instead of explicit, atmosphere over monsters, ambiguous over straightforward. It never becomes clear whether we deal with a true zombie, or an unfortunate victim of a medical condition. Nor does it matter, as the film becomes at its most nightmarish when it is at its most ambiguous. Excellent 'horror', but not for the fans of the grrrrrrrrbrains zombie flick.

Philip L (ru) wrote: Very entertaining romp for the whole family. Plenty of action for the 2year olds and like all good Pixar films lots of nods to the adults. Touching homage to Route 66 with the fictitious Radiator Springs the main location. Interestingly enough Newman and McQueen are reunited for the first time since the Towering Inferno!

Tanner M (br) wrote: It's impossible not to love this movie. If you don't love it then you are not a horror fan. This was the birth of slasher horror movies. With an amazing cast, and a tremendous set Alfred Hitchcock deffinetly went all out in this movie.