Project A

Project A

In late 19th Century Hong Kong the British may rule the land, but the pirates rule the waters. One Coast Guard officer is Dragon Ma, who is determined that his beloved Coast Guard will not be made a fool of.

Dragon Ma is a lieutenant in the 19th-century Hong Kong marines. The evil pirate clan led by Sanpao has been terrorizing local waters, with assistance from the corrupt authorities. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Russell H (de) wrote: Funny as hell, but would have loved it more if all the jersey shore assholes died. Hurray

Stephanie C (jp) wrote: 14 years later and this is still hard to watch. This was a good story with good actors.

Serge L (gb) wrote: Strange story of alienation in alien nation. What america could have been if the englishes had not completed their invasion maybe.South Africa at the time of passing of the powers to the africans natives. An old white prof takes advantage of one student and life takes an ironic revenge, coincidentally. His daughter is taken advantage of and likes it. For me, it's a clash of societies that hurts because of their respective psychopaths. The women, especially the black-skinned ones are incredibly beautiful in this film. They stand out so much. Please, move to Canada!

Chris M (jp) wrote: After seeing the movie and reading the book from the filmmakers point of view, it has given me a different appreciation for St. Anger, and really gave me a different appreciate for everyone involved in the creating process. Gives you a different perspective about what the record stood for juxtaposed to listening the record for the first time with no background intel.

Steve H (us) wrote: Seems good but the DVD badly needs subtitles because the interviews are done in several languages.

Michael Y (ca) wrote: A remake of the Neil Simon classic, The Out-of-Towners is a slapstick comedic hit because Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn work so well together. Henry and Nancy Clark just said goodbye to their son on a trip to Europe and they finally have alone time, which would sound great, but not for these two. Henry has a job interview in New York so the two go together. But their little vacation becomes a night of misfortune with hilarious consequences. The only thing lacking in this movie is originality. Its slapstick approach in replace of the original material isn't the most ingenious approach, but it is an entertaining approach. This isn't a bad remake to be frank. It has tones of laughs, and all because of the great chemestry between Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn, and not to mention the master of comedy himself, John Cleese. The directing isn't all that bad either. Sam Weisman does a good job at capturing the comedic moments, not being too wild or too suttle. The pacing of the movie is quite entertaining and captures the rom-com mood of senarios quite well. The capture of New York is well played, taking us down streets, fancy 4 star hotels and Central Park. The shooting locations are well filmed, the sets look good and the cinematography is better than what you'ld expect. And the directing of the physical comedy is good for a laugh. Full of unexpected and hilarious events, The Out-of Towners is a pretty great remake, very entertaining and with a great cast. It might not be an original, but it is a sure thing for a good comedy and a good time.

Alan E (fr) wrote: It is my altime favorite movie because of the true story line and the music

Alejandro E (es) wrote: The inspiring,victorious real life story of champion in and out of the tracks.Check for Vangelis music score

PY C (mx) wrote: It's always fun with this bunch!