Project A-Ko

Project A-Ko

Earth. The not too distant future. A city is miraculously reborn just sixteen years after being completely destroyed by a giant meteor. At the prestigious Graviton High School for Girls, two new students are introduced. A-ko and her ditzy sidekick, C-ko.

Project A-ko is the typical love triangle of three school girls and their confrontations with aliens, giant robots, and women who look like burly men. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jack P (es) wrote: A fairly charming and clever family film. Nothing special, but entertaining and endearing.

Larissa N (ag) wrote: 3 friends getting caught in their own "switcheroo" routine... fun chick flick.

Thomas B (gb) wrote: Funny and corny , but the movie is worth watching.

Jo A T (ca) wrote: A beautiful and most eye opening film dedicated to many extinct and thousands waiting to become extinctk species of our world. It's now or never to save our species, most our children will never see. A sad reality of how alone the songbird sings, the last of his species never to mate again. Preservation needs to be our top priority, and I admire all involved who bring light to the immediate extinction plight. All species are important, and deserve our utmost attention in their preservation. I applaude "Racing Extintion," for bringing us such a beautifully documented film.