Promedio rojo

Promedio rojo

Can a hopeless geek win the heart of the impossibly hot new girl at school? One fanboy hopes the answer can be "yes" in this teen-centric comedy from Chile. Roberto (Ariel Levy) is 17 years old, draws comics in his spare time when he isn't busy reading them, and likes to imagine himself an invincible superhero called "The Strange Obesity of Being." However, Roberto's daily life is anything but heroic; he's the target of cruel jokes from most of his classmates, and his only friends are a pair of fellow outcasts, nerdy Papitas (Sebastian "Berta" Muniz) and Condoro (Nicolas Martinez), who has a less-than-wholesome interest in girls. When beautiful Cristina (Xenia Tostado) arrives from Spain and enrolls at the same school as Roberto, he immediately falls head over heels in love, and is determined to make her his own. However, there's a problem -- she already has eyes for Fele (Benjamin Vicuna), the Big Man On Campus who is Roberto's nemesis and wants to make Cristina his next conquest.

Nerdy comic book aficionado Roberto Rodriguez battles low self-esteem, loser friends and vicious high school bullies as he vies for the heart of Cristina, the hot new girl from Madrid. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Quincy T (es) wrote: A small town, bizarre ritual, secrets amongst neighbor and no internet. Scary stuff. Moving can be tough, meeting new people in new environment and wondering whether they are mentally sound or downright brainwashed drones. Deep in the Darkness plays with the sense of seclusion and lack of familiarity to its advantage, up until halfway point. There lies a few good thrills in store, however the plot falls apart as the so called creature looks lees authentic as the movie progresses and some of the decisions the characters make are so ridiculously bad it feels like a parody. Dr. Michael Cayle (Sean Patrick Thomas) moves with his family to the small town of Ashborough. He works as the town's doctor and it seems like the people are nice enough, but strange occurrences begin to haunt him and his family. Sean Patrick Thomas performs his best, his character may be the most logically sound as he displays seemingly genius reactions. The confusion and anger he feels are just, they are almost expected from a man who is now confined against his will.Most of the actors also do their part well, the setting of the quiet and secretive town is eerie in moderation. Unfortunately, as the secrets are revealed, the plot stumbles significantly. The movie provides a few suspenseful scenes at early act, yet it ventures to the realm of comically bad decisions. Characters would do the least beneficial things for their survival.Not to mention there are plenty of scenes which are near supernatural just because the plot deems it. This creates a repetitive theme and considerably slows down the pace. The more the movie displays the threat, the less effective they become. At latter half it loses momentum as silly plot devices and character interactions erase any mirage of the thrill.Deep in the Darkness slowly weaves questions and threats, they play out decently with contrasting quaint back drop of the small town. Sadly, neither the revelation nor the conclusion has any touch of appropriate horror to be taken seriously.

QT C (it) wrote: It started off like there would be some action such as like in Hills Have Eyes but then nothing really happened and I was not even interested in knowing the ending because it was so boring. Sorry for those who liked it but I was disappointed

Alex S (ca) wrote: Expect the worst to happen, lol.

Tyler B (es) wrote: Fun movie that has some flaws that made it slip from being perfect but not too bad. Very slow but it builds up well and ends good. A little too focused on Stiller and Leoni for my liking.However you have great supporting performances from Alda, Muphy, and especially Matthew Broderick (in a great return to form,) to make this work. Alda is in a rather baddie role and does it well. Shame I missed it back in 2011 but it's not as bad as many make it out to be. Wish it made more $.

Steven G (ru) wrote: The reality of domestic abuse, we can't just choose to close our eyes anymore. It's not an easy movie to watch. I love the fact that this movie also touched the subject of cultural obligation of woman for her husband and family.

Greg P (gb) wrote: good idea for a film,but the script was poor and the acting wasnt much better,BUT,for some strange reason i actually quite enjoyed this film,and i was sober.liked the grandmother.

Jeffrey C (fr) wrote: It is a great film about the horrors of conscience a soldier may face, and how he comes to face them.

Calyre Z (ca) wrote: "L'ombre d'un soupon"

John M (fr) wrote: This movie made me feel two things- dirty and depressed. If a humorless exercise in slogging through lurid subject matter is your thing, dig in because that's what 8mm delivers. Every character in the film is either a degenerate, a murderer, tortured and brooding, or just a plot trope. At the end of the film I sank into my seat and asked myself, "What was the point?"

Chris W (kr) wrote: must see n must own movie..

Richard S (it) wrote: WTF this movie. Silly camp trash which might have been fun if John Lithgow wasn't so shockingly bad.#dlmchallenge #11

DC F (mx) wrote: One of my favorite movies in the 90s and definitely one of the most influential. This movie-making style actually was the one that busted open the door for many imitators even being used today. Snipes was aggressive at being a greedy gangster and was complimented by both his own associates as well as Ice-T's character plotting against him.

Cameron F (fr) wrote: Steenburgen saves this tiring drama about a writer and her days on an orange grove.

Jon C (au) wrote: goofy and very corny but has a strange likeness to itVincent Price is a vampire who bites a bystander but instead of killing him or turning him he invites him to a private shindig filled with supernatural beingsfrom skeletons to werewolves to ghouls this vampire lays out the history of these creatures that exist in our worldthe main crux of the film involves him telling 3 stories of terror; the first about a lonely rich man with a devastating whistle the second involving a vampire hiding from several hunters, and the third involving sketchy village residentseven Donald Pleasance makes an appearance in one these talesthis anthology film again follows the lines of 'Tales from the Crypt' and 'Creepshow' and it's filled with everything 1980's from the cheesy acting to the rockin tunesI also find it interesting that Price drops a line near the end of the film that even though this nightclub is filled with creatures that are beyond the norm who says humans cant be monsters as well considering their entire history of unspeakable acts of horror, so in a way all are created equal according to Price's characterlow-budget but still a small treasure

James S (nl) wrote: I first saw this film at a drive-in theater in 1978, and it has haunted me ever since. This is not a great film, in fact the opposite, but it has a surreal quality that really requires one to be stoned immaculate to truly enjoy it. The film was to have the Three Stooges as comic relief, but the death of Moe Howard changed that. Instead we get The Ritz Brothers, Harry and Jimmy who were Vaudeville comedians. Every scene with them is astonishing, they are so unfunny that they are truly funny. The plot revolves around four stewardesses who are convinced to try prostitution at a dude ranch, I think. It really doesn't matter if you enjoy taking a walk down a 1970's memory lane. The acting, such as it is, the clothing, and the script are typical of the period. The real failing of the film is there is very little actual nudity or sex that is so necessary for a sex romp of this nature. There is only one sex scene involving a woman shrimping a skinny ugly dude. Anti viagra to be sure. It is a hard film to find, but there is a torrent available. (Don't pirate, it is illegal.) It is definitely worth viewing just to see the Ritz Brothers in action, don't forget to twist one first though. (The use of marijuana is also illegal except for medical purposes, or if you live in Vancouver where they just don't care.) I should also mention to those who love Mystery Science Theater that this film was made for riffing, even though the scenes with Harry and Jimmy will leave you speechless.

EightThirty (gb) wrote: 08/08/2010 (ONLINE)Such dreadful children! But why do I like them?? If you were to hook "The Little Rascals" up with the "Orphan", you would end up with this lot.In a weird way I enjoyed the way they were still being kids among themselves but what I could see is that innocence fused with darkness is not entirely wicked when you think you are the good guys.It's quite an awful thought but it is a suitable plot for this flavor on interest. I wonder if there is a sequel? I would definitely check it out.

Porchee P (us) wrote: Boy, sometimes his movies just grate away at your sanity. I like how he's playing a bass like a ukelelee on the DVD cover art.

Malcolm D (ca) wrote: What went wrong? Their luck ran out ...

Evan J (au) wrote: A B scifi movie where the first man in space comes back as a blood thirsty monster. Appears to take place in the CSI world where a psychologist can also be a chemist and an engineer, and where a navy man can be in charge of the space program and moonlight as a detective. Still a fun movie about the possible horrors that await for us in the unknown of space.

Luke B (us) wrote: Certainly not Kurosawa's best this is another example of his fear of nuclear disaster. Also apparent in Dreams. The paranoia aspects are as true today as they ever were but the film comes off too heavy handed and preachy. There is certainly a hell of a lot to love about this film and I'm sure at the time of realease it was very relevant. Wonderful performances if a slightly uneven script.