The film tells about members of Finnish women's Lotta Service during the Second World War through the eyes of three young women.

The film tells about members of Finnish women's Lotta Service during the Second World War through the eyes of three young women. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lindsay B (us) wrote: HORRIBLE... 1 hour 28 minutes of my life that I will not get back... I had to rewind the supposed scary parts 5 times or more and still didn't see what they were screaming about... Please don't waste your time or money...

JamesMasaki R (gb) wrote: The North Korean troops were marching through the south all the way toward Pusan. While the South Koreans and the Allied troops were fighting on the front lines, 71 student soldiers were left at an abandoned girls' middle school to wait. When the North Koreans change tactics and go toward the school instead, the kids are left to fend for themselves, for their country. Really powerful film, which most war movies are, but this unknown story to most of the world is great. Incredible war scenes, even some comedy with the interaction with the students, and eventually at the end, some interviews with the survivors. Recommended highly.

Farah R (ca) wrote: A visually pleasant and heartwarming movie about the true meaning of life. Actress Julia Robert gives a wonderful performance through her laughs and tears.

Joyce V (us) wrote: This was a great movie, up until you get to the end of it that is. I mean I actually jumped a number of times throughout it (which is hard to get me to do) and then it gets to the end and for me it was really a bit of a letdown! They could have done so much better on the end, with so many scares during the movie to just end it the way they did. But I have to give it 3.5 stars since the majority of it was pretty good.

Camron (fr) wrote: Boring 80's comedy miss.

Robert F (nl) wrote: I remember my dad taking me to see this in the movies... ahhh good memories. =-)

Art S (us) wrote: Is there no one today doing anything as radical as what Jean-Luc Godard did in the Sixties who is still attracting the critical (and popular?) attention that he did? Two or Three Things is a transitional film for JLG, moving him from his more narrative features to the pure dialectical essay film. This halfway point may represent his most intellectually stimulating period, merging beauty and design and a partial narrative (a wife engages in prostitution to supplement the family budget) with a fervor for critical sociological theories about language, meaning, ways of seeing and thinking, And of course, class, consumerism, Vietnam, and French politics. Fascinating, but I need the annotated version.

Daniel H (de) wrote: A bit faster than the methodical "Mr. Teas" which preceded it, and with more plot and much less nudity. Yet still, the punchlines are lacking, and the plot, while present, is merely a single, cheesy punchline.All the same, this is a movie which worships cheesy punchlines and sophmoric ogling, and shows director Russ Meyer moving away from indulgent nudity and towards his trademark clever innuendo and stick-and-carrot fetishism.

Dann M (de) wrote: Incredibly fun and wildly entertaining, Coyote Ugly is an irresistible guilty pleasure. Somehow the film's able to mix exploitation with sentiment and romance. The story follows a young girl named Violet who leaves home and heads off to New York City to become a songwriter, but when she's unable to make it she takes a job at a seedy bar to make ends meet. Featuring Piper Perabo, Maria Bello, Bridget Moynahan, and John Goodman, the casting is pretty good. Perabo especially, as she has tremendous chemistry with her co-stars and is able to exude an innocent naivete. And, the soundtrack adds a lot of energy and excitement to the film. On the surface Coyote Ugly is sexually gratuitous and trashy, but underneath there's a charming story about chasing one's dreams and overcoming fears.

Eliot W (us) wrote: Literally one of the worst movies I've ever seen. So bad that we couldn't even make it all the way thru it. All the way from the possibility to the execution of jokes it was horrendous. I wouldn't even give it a half star if I wasn't required to just to give a rating at all.

makkom m (kr) wrote: first 40 min is so dull that i am about to stop,and the last 45 min is confusing.i couldnt see why those two are so in love and how could she abandoned her life and kids"now" for the past love?i cant get that,cause there are not enough description and explanation.however i liked the atmosphere and colors of cassavetes world.there is some humor which i enjoy.

Leslie A (us) wrote: Fascinating case about Mafia fugitives and FBI corruption.

Gustavo T (es) wrote: An honest, intimate but respectful portrait of a misunderstood artist that can please her fans but also anyone eager to reflect upon the social roots of her personal misery. Makes Janis' music and story all the more relevant today.