Prophecies takes a discerning look at the most enigmatic prophets and doomsayers throughout the ages. Combining biographical sketches of the diviners with the in-depth interpretations of their prophecies by expert historians and scholars, the program will present a complete picture of the mystics and their messages.

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Prophecies torrent reviews

F B (jp) wrote: Good film although took me a while to start to get interested and understand what was happening

Alec B (it) wrote: There's a lot of offbeat and weird jokes (some land, some don't) but the problem is that the movie takes the plot too seriously and ends up playing like a spoof that isn't actually spoofing anything.

Chris B (ag) wrote: Absolutely unwatchable. Video looks like it was shot on a camcorder. Audio sounds like it was recorder with a tape recorder and is rarely synced. And the dialogue is atrocious. So glad this was a RedBox rental and I only wasted $1.20 on it.

Luc L (us) wrote: A weak and forgettable story.

Curtis L (jp) wrote: Not bad for an old war movie. Funny and interesting.

Steve D (us) wrote: Perfect musical except Audrey should have sang her own music her voice is very pretty

Derek B (ca) wrote: fun. but i would have much rather liked to see the next sin city movie. The plot was boring. Humor was random. the style was beautiful. rental at best.