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Propiedad ajena

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David M (nl) wrote: Its brutal, raw direction makes it an unforgettable experience. A masterpiece that has no fear in showing us the consequences of illegal abortions and the slums of Romanian society.

Daniel C (gb) wrote: Dark and depressing Romanian realism with a pitch-black comedic edge. Or is it the other way around?

TTT C (gb) wrote: (***): Thumbs Up An interesting film.

Grant T (jp) wrote: An absolutely captivating masterpiece from the mind of Stanley Kubrick, that seems to imagine the unimaginable. What an interesting study on the human psyche and how desires are sometimes so hard to resist. This is a film that utilizes mood rather than an extreme amount of substance that will keep your eyes glued to the screen from start to finish. Amazing!

Franois M (br) wrote: Bien sr, EMPIRE RECORDS n'est pas du grand cinma, mais c'est extrmement amusant. Et prs de 20 ans plus tard, c'est la nostalgie qui donne une toile supplmentaire la chose. On aimerait certainement travailler dans ce magasin avec cette bande.... On aimerait retourner en arrire une poque pas si lointaine o on pouvait acheter de la musique des mains d'un autre humain.... La trame sonore joue un rle important et elle est solide !

Leesa B (br) wrote: The ending makes me cry every time.

Ilsa L (ag) wrote: Ken Russell''s adaptation of D.H.Lawrence's novel is wonderful.

Per M (fr) wrote: En ung Viggo Mortensen, kan inte lyfta detta klena manus, men rtt underhllande nd.

Dwayne R (au) wrote: It's like sitting in a 1940's theater watching news reels.

Sophia C (fr) wrote: again its JLO WHAT IS NOT TO LOVE

Derek F (nl) wrote: I liked that the mountain climbing climax was suspenseful, Columbo was entertaining and the detente resolution felt fitting. I didn't like some of the gags, Bouquet's wooden acting and that the not-too-formidable villain. It's a sober return to form compared to Moonraker's excesses. In it's own right, it's a competent but standard spy film.

Jona S (ca) wrote: Not the worst film I ever seen. It's actually an okay film