Prospero's Books

Prospero's Books

An exiled magician finds an opportunity for revenge against his enemies muted when his daughter and the son of his chief enemy fall in love in this uniquely structured retelling of the 'The Tempest'.

An exiled magician finds an opportunity for revenge against his enemies muted when his daughter and the son of his chief enemy fall in love in this uniquely structured retelling of the 'The... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bryan K (br) wrote: The film does a lot of things right. When it comes to atmosphere, from the first sprint through an orange grove to the swamps to the interstates, the film's portrayal of Florida is immersive. Much like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, though the state itself has nothing to do with the film, the portrait painted is memorable. The narrative itself is solid in its chaotic depiction of youth. Where it fails, though, is in becoming way too over-stylized. There are so many sequences that are distorted or amplified, with no coherent method, that the film ends up feeling in many places like a mix tape for the director. Shame, considering that it already had a great atmosphere that would have carried it a long way. The soundtrack and cinematography obstruct more than they enhance.

Fabian U (br) wrote: Una excelente pelicula latina, sobre la realidad de los campesinos de Colombia cuando tienen que sacar adelante una familia y al mismo tiempo asegurarse de no estar a favor de ningun bando en la guerra que se ve en los montes.... Y como unos ninos ven su vida cambiar por esta violencia.

Julian T (ru) wrote: Muy divertida, al estilo de las primeras de Guy Ritchie aunque la actuacin de Catalina Aristizabal es muy plana si tiene otros personajes interesantes como el de Carolina Gomez.

Kenneth L (ru) wrote: A perpetually hung over burned out detective turns his life around saving a two bit punk for a Grand Jury investigating police corruption & in the process turns the withess' life around by risking then giving his life to do so.

Ibraheem M (nl) wrote: Not a single laugh was given that day.

Adam K (us) wrote: I would easily consider this to be one of the most definitvie indie films ever made. It really represented the indie boom of the mid 90s and has influences countless films that have followed its style. Jeremy Davies gives a top notch performance in his debut film and the ending is one of the best I have ever seen. I think this is a key motivator in influencing anyone to go out and make a film. It shows that you don't need a big budget and fancy effects, just a good story and a dedicated cast and crew.

Kobe R (ca) wrote: Very Funny Bill Cosby

Birdie S (mx) wrote: Loved it! A beautiful film, great acting, and I think it delivered a powerful message. Like James Earl Jones' character said in the movie, u just can't win with this system. Same problems they had then r still present today.

Danny R (nl) wrote: Teens cruise and live life before many leave for college and even Vietnam. Classic movie with a superior cast.

Beth Ann G (mx) wrote: Jean Harlow was always at her best uttering Anita Loos's dialogue. The plot may be "conventional" pre-code, but Loos packs the script with memorable lines, giving Harlow's fast-talking dame and Clark Cable's crooked smiling con man a chance to shine, and their onscreen chemistry doesn't hurt the picture either. Many of the supporting actresses in the reformatory scenes make a distinct impression. Those characters almost make hanging out in a reformatory fun.

Dina D (ag) wrote: Finally saw this. Although it's a bit dated (the pastel fashions & soundtrack the main culprits) it's a fun film. Alec Baldwin is fantastic. And looks like Ryan Gosling! Jennifer Jason Leigh us perfect. And Fred Ward is wonderful (as usual). A fun and fast paced flick. It's great to see Baldwin si over the top. A bit hokey at times, but a great film for a rainy afternoon.

Bo K (es) wrote: I enjoyed this, action-packed and mediocre acting.

Noel K (es) wrote: If you liked The French Connection and Bullitt then you will like this flick. Roy Schneider and his Seven Ups team takes down the mob with their brand of detective work. Phil D'Antoni who produced The French Connection and Bullitt, reprises another classic chase scene that has all the intensity and grittiness of the previous two films.