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Alaap K (fr) wrote: Nice && inspirational Farhan Akthar is awesome !!

Lady D (kr) wrote: If watching paint dry is an option, maybe I would advise you to take it. The actual storyline is not too bad and could have been portrayed much better, but this film is dull and hard to understand through lapses of boredom. Even Brian Cox? entrance did nothing to make this film more appealing.

Julissa V (au) wrote: I was very disappointed in this sequel. It's not amusing at all .

Gary M (de) wrote: Loved the first one and loved the second one. Great dance moves and styles.

Rebecca H (nl) wrote: Basically a talking heads, this never feels more than the play it clearly is. Emma Thompson gives a very good performance as the patient fighting cancer, and there are startlingly honest portrayals of the doctors and nurses. Given the star and the plot, of course it's emotionally affecting and compelling. It's all talking, but since it's mostly set in one room, that works. But considering what a draining, depressing experience it is, maybe the poetry lectures could be cut. One for the intellectuals among us, and not for repeat viewings.

Michael H (es) wrote: Not the most original of storylines, but told with enough visual panache and ingenuiety that makes it easy to forgive it's shortcomings and budget limitations

Jim B (jp) wrote: Argento and romero are two original trailblazers of the horror genre and to have them direct new versions of my favorite author/poet was great.

Deborah H (us) wrote: Very different, for its time.

Greg W (jp) wrote: gr8 another lost review

Evan M (ru) wrote: A humble performance by Nathan Gamble leads this enjoyable comedy-drama film and draws us in enough to endure the sappier scenes.

Robert I (gb) wrote: Not a bad one location-ish movie. But feels a tad long and a bit predictable. I'm a fan of Melissa George and Oded Fehr so seeing them play off one another for pretty much the whole movie solidified its worth in watching.