Psycho Cop Returns

Psycho Cop Returns

A group of office workers decide to have a party in the office building. Among other things, they want to have some drugs there. Their conversation on the subject is overheard by Joe Vickers, which is rather unfortunate for them, since Joe Vickers is a policeman. Even more unfortunate is the fact that Vickers is also an undead psychotic satanist, and instead of arresting them, he will make sure that nobody leaves the party alive...

Psychopath cop decides to kill everyone who he thinks has broken the law. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Noah D (nl) wrote: A funny, amusing film of male adolescence and its consequences...but all these little kids cussing at each other seemed fake

David W (fr) wrote: Poor script, poor acting, poor directing, shoddy CGI....give it a miss.

Christopher G (it) wrote: In the tradition of recent non-CGI French animated films like The Triplets of Bellville and (on a more serious note) Persepolis. This isn't quite as good as those two films, but it's very entertaining, interesting in its stylized visual simplicity, and often emotionally impacting. Probably not for very young kids, but most anyone from ten to seventy should find delight here.

Jodi G (kr) wrote: Was expecting a superficial chick flick; it was so much better than that. Maybe the bad reviews are because those individuals hadn't experienced loss that broke them. Maybe they wanted sex instead of relationship. Or maybe there's something wrong with me, because I cried and was inspired and was impressed that the characters were more than one-dimensional stereotypes.

Kris B (fr) wrote: Underrated. Yes, the leads are impressive if it we were in the 90's but John Hurt as Mr Brooks, "Marshall"?! Come on! Worth it.

Hadeel B (au) wrote: Too many feelings in this movie, insightful and realistic and full of amazing sweet phrases, I think its simplicity is what makes the movie so lovable

Jackson B (it) wrote: This was a very good movie and filmed very well.

Peter E (it) wrote: First: this is not a horror movie. Its more of a psychological drama with some supernatural elements. It has atmosphere, good directing and acting, but thats not enough. The plot is complicated and open for interpretation, but its told in a slow and confusing way. Not really a bad film, but it was not what I wanted it to be.

Private U (ca) wrote: this is disturbing, but beautiful, once you understand it...which i didn't. but then someone explained it to me and it all made sense. watch it with the lights off. it's good.

Alex T (jp) wrote: One of my all time favourite films, which despite watching countless times, hasn't lost any of inital wit, slickness and charm. Hugh Grant's best film in my view.

Phil H (fr) wrote: Stephen King and Romero are back for more tales of terror hosted by 'The Creep', again the film is bookended by a short story that starts off as live action but then transforms into that eerie cartoon style that looks so good in the Creepshow films.The stories again are a mixed bag this time not with quite as great a cast line up as before but we do have George Kennedy this time.First up is a story of an old wooden Indian Chief statue coming to life to get revenge on the youths who killed the old owners of a general store where the Indian is on display. Kennedy is in this story and it is a good one with a nice revenge plot but it is predictable, nice effects on the wooden Chief though.Second story is slightly better than the first with a group of teens stuck on a raft in the middle of a lake because an oil slick type monster that is devouring them one by one. Nice spooky idea that, despite the monster looking like a flat pancake floating on the water, works well especially effects wise when the teens are sucked under by the creature.Last story is the weakest and simply involves a woman hitting a hitchhiker with her car and the hitcher coming back to haunt her for the rest of her journey. Pretty lame predictable plot which must have inspired 'I What You Did Last Summer'.A slightly better selection of short stories over the original minus the good cast but still nothing really outstanding or as memorable as 'Twilight' or 'Darkside', still I must admit I like this old Creepshow flicks very much, love that 80's US Halloween style.

Jamey B (de) wrote: Not sure if I want to see it. The prequel to the Downey Jr. set?

Niklas S (kr) wrote: Oh my God! When I thought horror couldn't get much worse.

Michael C (us) wrote: I know it's the lesser of the late 80's volcano movies but I love these disaster porn movies.

Adam R (gb) wrote: An overload of sci-fi for me. Certainly not the blockbuster that some have said it to be. The storyline was not always coherent and did not interest me. Just boring. (First and only viewing - 9/21/2016)

Anderson G (mx) wrote: Se fazendo de melodrama, Sirk traa um pungente e melanclico filme sobre a ausncia de limites na busca por uma paixo, o que geralmente no tem nada de romntico.

Darren C (mx) wrote: Good story idea executed quite well. Could have been better in places. If you like horror/thrillers then worth a watch.

Jeff H (ag) wrote: On amazon streaming. Deep web was very fascinating and took a turn in the political injustice realm like "how to make a murder" which I did not expect.

Gustavo B (mx) wrote: Short stories on film is considered a unique storytelling genre, because appeal to the concept of a compilation of separate events that sometimes are related to the entire plot or may be just trying to look a common subject or a "leitmotif". Films like "Paris je t'aime", "NY I Love you" are connected by a simple subject a city. In "Wild Tales" the subject is how a simple situation can become completely unexpected to explore the wildest part of human nature.A special case is the film "Wiener Dog". Is important to mention that this film is not a series of stories, but a collection of vignettes with a peculiar element of connection: A dachshund puppy.This comedy tales the story of a dog who is been shuffled from owner to owner in a singular ride for every character. The first story brings a surviving kid of cancer who is been brought to the dog to help him to heal. But the real people who needs to heal is the entire family. The second story is a nurse who is taking care of the dog and have a guilty conciseness and decided to scape from the vet hospital in order to save the dog. The third story a screenwriter profesor who owns Wiener dog who is trying to sell one of his stories to Hollywood, getting caught in the superficial world of entertainment agents and the film studios. He feels miserable and his millennial students consider him a dinosaur who don't know anything about the business. The last story is an elderly woman who lives with her caregiver and the Wiener dog. Her granddaughter is one of those young brats spoiled by the family who visit grandma every time she needs money. This time is for her boyfriend a conceptual artist and his art project for a gallery.In essence, this comedy is filled with black humor who mock life situations such as unhappiness, dissatisfaction, frustration and unfulfillment among others. The destiny of every character is driven in part by Wiener dog, but their decisions are solely based on their own lame lifestyle and how the question the life that their living.