Psycho Holocaust

Psycho Holocaust

On a scorching summer day 6 friends venture into the mountains for one more vacation before their lives change forever. Unbeknownst to them, their lives would forever be changed anyway. In the shadows awaits a pack of the most evil, the most vile, rejects of humanity that's addicted to violence and thirsty for blood! This is Psycho Holocaust... Written by Rufty, Krist

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:80 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:violence,   gore,   splatter,  

On a scorching summer day 6 friends venture into the mountains for one more vacation before their lives change forever. Unbeknownst to them, their lives would forever be changed anyway. In ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Loln M (jp) wrote: great performance of Frank Langella and the rest of the casted characters... the story had more messages in our life than when it was presented. We all go through life the same as Leonard, only with different dept and meaning to us..

Jayden (mx) wrote: this is a really good movie i like it=)

Vanessa G (de) wrote: Its a silly movie, with some hot chicks... (the chicks are the only reason i watched the whole thing)

Waleed A (ru) wrote: fun horror movie at times. i enjoyed a lot of it but it got worse and worse. so many cheesy parts. i didn't like the actors. and they tried to go in depth with the original idea and it starts to lose you. it becomes a bunch of madness and made up ideas. the accident scenes were mostly awesome, especially the highway scene. (about 3 viewings)

Jessie C (au) wrote: Richard Dean Anderson ----OH YEAH

Barry S (au) wrote: It just seemed like the "perfect" movie. Everything happened like it was supposed to, but I just didn't believe it.

Husky F (ag) wrote: Classic- don't know why it got bad reviews.Faye Dunaway at her best . Very enjoyable.

John E (ag) wrote: Strange movie with unusual methods to get around the Production Code, not all of which worked. The acting performances are good but the story suffers too much from the impositions of censorship.

Bob V (ru) wrote: Amazingly crafted and genuinely funny silent movie by Buster Keaton and his gang. Unlike most silent comedies of this era, Keaton develops plot and character instead of relying on throw-away gags.

Kevin S (ag) wrote: A woman that makes crossword puzzles in a newspaper gets set up on a blind date with a cameraman that works for the news. She likes to talk alot and annoys him and the date ends with him trying to be nice and inviting her to go with him on a trip where he has to go report some news. Not really meaning For her to do it unluckily for him she ends up following him around and he tries to get away from her. Sandra Bullock is iffy to me. Some movies she is really good and others she is bad. And here she is downright awful. I get it she is suppose to be annoying but she over does it. Her acting in here is terrible and not even remotely close to being funny. I sometimes wonder how she became an actress. Thomas Haden Church is the only one who you get a couple chuckles from. The story to me is absolutely stupid. A woman that follows a guy around who she thinks is in love with her? She runs towards him and falls down a coal mine and becomes a hero when she saves a girl they forget to get that was down there earlier and is now with her? This movie is awful. Please stay away unless you want to watch your brain cells waste away.

TR J (fr) wrote: The filmed adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's play is mostly compelling conversation in a single ghetto room, with Samuel L Jackson delivering a powerful performance as the streetwise black Christian trying to convince Tommy Lee Jones' pseudo-existential academic not to kill himself after Jackson has saved him earlier that day from the first attempted suicide. The play is filmed bare-bones, raw and thoroughly invested in its dialogue. The writing is generally excellent, and Jackson makes the most of it, giving life to a character who wants desperately to save souls after being saved himself and believing Jesus has given him this mission. Jones' character is a bit less convincing, with a smaller role, as the faithless man whose intelligence and culture have done nothing to breathe life into him, leaving him in a nihilistic despair from which there seems to be no escape. The filmmaking is spare but subtly artistic in its way, using a dilapidated room for the two men to see whose belief system might prove more persuasive.