Over the course of one night, a team of cops frantically search for their colleague's missing gun.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:88 minutes
  • Release:2003
  • Language:Cantonese,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:police,   chase,   shot to death,  

Over the course of one night, a team of cops frantically search for their colleague's missing gun. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jen S (mx) wrote: good movie it is funny

Jummi H (fr) wrote: A lot better and complete movie compared to Coco avant Chanel. However the voice acting could have been a lot better. I'm not sure wether it was originally made in french and later dubbed in english but I'm quite sure I would have worked a lot better that way.

Kevin H (de) wrote: I love mumblecore but couldn't get into Andrew Bujalski's sophomore film. Will watch it again eventually to see if I missed anything.

Laura H (us) wrote: A historically accurate, yet fascinating account of Adolf Hitler's rise to power.

Kurt B (au) wrote: January Jones goes postal. Or, since it's a western, Pony Express.

Erick K (ag) wrote: Digweed. Nuff' said!

Matt M (mx) wrote: Part 1 in my review of all "Live action" star wars movies in chronological order.STAR WARS EPISODE I - The Phantom MenaceOne of the most hyped films ever, one of the most beloved franchises ever... Also turned out to be one of the most hated films ever. And I can see why! Odd pacing, god awful dialogue, terrible characters, the original Yoda puppet, Horrific CGI and don't get me started on Jar Jar Binks. But for me, there is a distinctive charm to this film that keeps on drawing me in. I love the premise, the fact that planets such as coruscant and naboo all had democracies as did so many of the planets seen before major war broke out. The trade federation, although not the main villain, were pretty menacing and the reliance on the battle droids show how arrogant they are. That brings me to the action... Pure cinematic gold. Although the editing could have been done better even else seems incredible. Obi-wan and Qui-Jonn VS Darth maul, The Naboo starfighters against the trade federation ships which to me appear as an early form of TIE Fighter, The ground battle of Naboo with the droids starts off well but does drop, And the pod race sequence. Unlike most, I prefer young Anakin to Hayden Christensen. The john williams score is by far the best part of this film, The genius stunned us with the original trilogy score but totally blew our heads of this time around. All of these make the film what it is. From a filmmakers view this film is utter garbage but from a fans point of view, I can't stop myself from loving it :DHowever it still gets a 3/5 stars from me

Larry W (gb) wrote: A pretty damn good video game adaptation but like so many other MK products fail to capture that dark spirit of MK2. Gotta love that song.

shannon s (ag) wrote: This movie is really hard to find, but it's worth the hunt. Great performances all around in a very believable movie.

Jaxon W (ca) wrote: "Goodyear?""No. The worst."

Lee M (us) wrote: Resoundingly generic "Romancing the Stone" copycat.

Kurt M (kr) wrote: Classic horror from Hammer Films. It may be cheese, but it's good cheese!

EWC o (gb) wrote: Well shot, smarter than your average zombie flick, and very creative

Robert P (jp) wrote: Intriguing, off-beat melodrama. Great performance from Bette (of course), Humphrey maintains his record of never appearing in a bad film and Ronal Regan is as wooden as a tree trunk

Ricardo A (ca) wrote: The premise is amazing, the acting top notch, the monsters terrifying but Digging up the marrow final product is a mediocre missed opportunity.

Kron A (jp) wrote: it's more like a combination of Drumline and You Got Served. Young arrogant black kid that doesn't know as much as he thinks he knows, goes to a black college and doesn't get along with the leader of the group he joins because the leader wants to do old tired whack stuff, and the young guy is the ONLY innovative person on the planet with any sense of creativity. Young guy leaves group but in the final showdown he's allowed to comeback and basically has the team do his "new stuff" and pretty much ends with him getting the girl and doing a solo to win the competition. Now which film does this sound like...BOTH OF THEM!