Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction

A burger-loving hit man, his philosophical partner, a drug-addled gangster's moll and a washed-up boxer converge in this sprawling, comedic crime caper. Their adventures unfurl in three stories that ingeniously trip back and forth in time.

Series of less-and-more related but separated short stories of crime and comedy that each result into an unexpected ending including unexpected deaths, sudden twists, black comedy events and horrific conclusions of crime and its following consequences. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Glenn G (gb) wrote: Sometimes the same old story CAN feel new with a slight alteration in tone, script and performance. Such is the case with GUN HILL ROAD, which could have easily been LA MISSION PT. 2 (the OUTFEST opening night film from 2 years ago) in the wrong hands, but instead transcends its own genre limitations to become a truly absorbing, deeply affecting experience.A quick scan of the synopsis would lead you to believe this is a film about a macho father fresh from prison trying to come to grips with the fact his that teenage son isn't the baseball-loving boy he had hoped for, but is instead taking his first steps towards transitioning into a woman. LIFETIME is littered with films about disappointed parents and their emerging children. So "yawn" goes the audience when faced with another. But stick with this film and you'll be rewarded. For me, it became obvious that this was a film of true quality very early on when our young protagonist is first introduced. Awaiting his father's return, Michael (an unforgettable debut by Harmony Santana) sits in the corner of a kitchen, hiding underneath a baseball cap, barely able to front with a little macho posturing when he utters his first words. You felt the entire life of a character completely ill-at-ease in his own skin from this quick snapshot. The wonderful details kept piling up from there: - Michael's peeping from inside a Girl's Room stall as he hears two girls discussing oral sex. His sense of discovery here is palpable, and the payoff to this moment is hilarious. - the way Michael's entire demeanor changes when he's with his friends instead of with his father- a scene in which Michael gets injections to beef up his booty is vivid, visceral, and the joy AND pain on his face is truly captivating. As much as it hurts, he STILL wants to know how it looks.- the defeated way Michael plays baseball to placate his demanding father or, in the film's most violent scene, how he responds to the threat of a haircut. (And there are scenes of more overt violence, but this one cuts deep)- watching Michael become "Vanessa" feels like we're really eavesdropping on his first moments of joy- Vanessa's first kiss and how she views it compared to her player of a "boyfriend"From the sound of it, you'd think this is the Harmony Santana show, but that would be doing a disservice to the phenomenal performances by Esai Morales and Judy Reyes. Morales has often brought an element of danger to his roles (going all the way back to LA BAMBA), but here, you see the true vulnerability and "nice guy" trying to break free from his He-Man chains. Unfortunately all the social and religious conditioning prevents him from making the best decisions. This isn't just a Mean Dad/Innocent Son Film, because you truly see and feel that there is love present as well.Reyes, who has done fine dramatic work in the past, but is best known for her comedic work on SCRUBS, is extremely strong here as a mother who accepts her child's destiny and supports it, while struggling to figure out a way to be happy in her own life's transitions. The MOTHER role rarely gets such shading as seen here, and her performance alone is worth the ticket.And then there's that utterly heartbreaking final shot. I had heard that this is a film without a good ending, and I couldn't disagree more. Some of my favorite films end on a searing closeup of its protagonist (NIGHTS OF CABIRIA, PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO, CITY LIGHTS, THE ACCIDENTAL TOURIST) to name a few. It's that moment where the look on a face tells the entire story of a character. Here, Harmony Santana (who will be next seen in a film series I have an intimate knowledge of, EATING OUT 4: DRAMA CAMP) is given the job of communicating love, grief, relief, and despair all in one tidy little shot. It's a work of beauty.

Patricia B (gb) wrote: Was very good! Could have knocked that mother - in law out......lol

Andres G (kr) wrote: Funny story, tailored for Robert Downey Jr. with a superlative Michelle Monaghan. Val Kilmer shines like in movies some years ago.

Alexa R (fr) wrote: one of my favorite movies ^^

Justin D (nl) wrote: This movie is radical. It's not nearly as shitty as you might think.

David H (fr) wrote: A funny and entertaining Dark Comedy

Justin B (us) wrote: If the first is this bad, I'm afraid to attempt all 6 sequels. It has a lot of energy but the jokes never land properly.

bill s (ca) wrote: Not so much the high road as somewhere in the middle.

Cat C (nl) wrote: Not as good as Hercules, but so worth a watch.

Jeffrey N (it) wrote: I realize I'm reviewing this old film from a man who was born nearly two decades after this was release, not to mention from the perspective of a modern movie watcher, but "Giant," while outstanding in its social statement re: race and generational differences in 1956, is one of the most astoundingly boring and all-over-the-place films I've ever seen. The script ran way too fast in some places and too damn slow in others. It seemed like such a mess. The acting was very good, considering the gaps in script, but the reason this movie doesn't seem to work is that its main theme is fuzzy. Is it about how families and traditions change with the times? Is it about longing for love? Is it about race relations? I think it's all of that. Yet, for a modern film fan, the race relations component is the only thing that seems timely. And it took nearly 3 hours to get to it. Not worth the time.

Isabelle S (jp) wrote: Un trs bon somnifre si on a du mal dormir le soir.

Adr M (ru) wrote: My kids enjoyed a lot with Khumba, and that is what is appreciated.

Carlos M (gb) wrote: A compelling, gloomy and unsettling allegory that moves in a careful slow pace towards a glorious conclusion and is centered on a modern Noah, paranoid and on the verge of a mental breakdown, played with such an extraordinary intensity by Michael Shannon.