Pulp Fiction: The Facts

Pulp Fiction: The Facts


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Lonnie S (ag) wrote: This flick is good campy fun! Some might have complaints about the acting, but the storyline and the preposterous antics far outweigh anything that could be considered "terrible acting". The aliens are quite aggressive in this version - you don't have to be asleep, they'll just chase you around the house and kill you off (which is an homage to the original "Stepford Wives"). I love this movie!!!

Lisa G (it) wrote: This was a decent film. I enjoy the inhibitions of the french with nudity and sex. At times I felt the characters were a little inconsistent, but there was plenty of visual stimulation to make up for that. If you are not comfortable with male gay sexual scenes then this is not the movie for you. However, I think it captures the complexity of the heart and coming to terms with sexual orientation quite well. Not to mention a pretty steamy locker room shower scene that I fully appreciated.

Sarah F (ag) wrote: Yeah, i'd like to see what this is!

t w (fr) wrote: Needs more Humor, an R rating and BEWBS

Shaday A (es) wrote: Un clasico sper genial con la poesa, imgenes, ideas y humor. Al que no le guste, lo quiero menos.

Melvin J (us) wrote: edgy, yes...funny, I guarantee

TTT C (br) wrote: Here's another film rating.

Daniel S (fr) wrote: Surprised I'd never seen this one until now, very humorous and enjoyable.