In this 'sequel' anthology, the film offers a TRANCERS sequel written by original creators Danny Bilson and Paul DeMeo, a new Lovecraft adaptation THE EVIL CLERGYMAN, featuring Jeffrey Combs and Barbara Crampton, and finally a sequel to THE DUNGEONMASTER.

An intelligent pulse of electricity is moving from house to house. It terrorizes the occupants by taking control of the appliances, either killing them or causing them to wreck the house in... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sarfara A (fr) wrote: 7 Cajas (7 Boxes) - low-budget Paraguayan Spanish-language thriller film. Directed by Juan Carlos Maneglia (also writer of the film) and Tana Schmbori. Based on true story, set in Asuncin (Capital and largest city of Paraguay). Starring Celso Franco as 'Victor' in lead. It was nominated for Best Spanish Language Foreign Film at Goya Awards. 17-year old Victor (Celso Franco) is wheelbarrow-drawer in bustling market of Asuncin (Paraguay) - fetching merchandize goods of shoppers and shop-owners to their destinations. Victor's elder sister 'Tamara' (Nelly Davalos - who works as kitchen assistant at small Korean restaurant) - shows Victor a camera-cum-movie-recording cellular-phone (mind it, the film is set in 2005 - when camera-mobiles where phenomenon). Victor gets obsessed with this latest technology and decides to make out ways to get his very own mobile. Victor is given a job by local butcher to deliver 7 boxes to certain destination and wait for his calls for further instructions - for this Victor is given half paper of $100 U.S. bill as surety, as well as camera-less mobile phone (to be contacted on). Victor is chased by another wheelbarrow-drawer 'Nelson' (Victor Sosa) - Nelson's infant son is in desperate need for insulin for which he needs enough money to buy the syringe. Nelson has arrived quite late to have claimed the delivery of 7-boxes. Nelson hires other goons (wheelbarrow-drawers) to capture Victor, even if it requires killing anyone in between. The police has also escalated their search-operation after a woman has gone disappeared. It is revealed that the boxes contain mutilated body parts of that woman. What follows next, is the cat and mouse chase all throughout the night in the congested streets of the locality. 7 Cajas is real-life story. Editing is marvelous - as the other part of the story is being narrated by butcher, the second half is shown simultaneously, giving us insight on the background of the story. These somewhat starlets, have shown promising capability at acting. Crisscrossing in the film - each character is interlocked with the other (too few characters - and I actually liked the conversation and brief humorous talks between police, Tamara, Korean, and especially she-male who could not stop at praising the camera-recording feature of mobile).I believe this story in the sense that the film is already set in an era when mobile phones were becoming fascination for the youth and adult alike. In parts of Pakistan, mobile-snatching is still the major incident considered (most cases cost lives for people who resist - motorbike drivers snatch away your mobile - they could stop you as if asking for some direction and later draw their gun at you). So no doubt for mobile phones, I have seen murders taking place here. But I don't know if it was rather mistake, or that Nelson was too nave that he not rob the pharmacy-store at the night - since he could kill few people to get hold of the boxes (thinking the boxes contain money), and hiring lethal team to capture Victor.

Heather M (au) wrote: I am going to pass on this one.

Spencer S (ca) wrote: A detailed and informative documentative stance on the role of the screenwriters in the film process. Interviews with such greats as Frank Darabont and Billy Ray gave an aspiring view to all screenwriters working today.

Joseph M (ag) wrote: Tex (Woody Allen) chops up his wife (Sharon Stone) in a jealous rage and then burries her body parts in the desert. However, a blind old lady find one of her hands that Tex failed to burry. Suddenly healed by the miracle of the hand, the blind lady can see! Taking the hand back to her New Mexico village priest (David Scwimmer), the town is suddenly the place of miracles as the hand begins to heal and grant peoples wishes. However, Tex, and the police officer (Kiefer Sutherland) hunting him, need to get that hand back! 'Picking up the Pieces' was a film that I had never heard of, but was pleasently suprised by. Woody Allen is his usual, quirky self, whilst performances by Schwimmer and Sutherland are also very good. The story is daft, but thouroughly enjoyable to watch. 'Picking up the pieces' is a simple comedy that is pleasently suprising.

James K (mx) wrote: By playing the lottery, a big gamble is made for a certain individual. A person can either be lucky or a loser depending on the situation. It's risky, and yet, there are people out there who do this sort of thing almost every day. In fact, chances of actually winning are very slim, and for those who do win, they more than likely blow it on the first chance they get. But what are the chances of a specific winner of a lottery dying with the winning ticket? This fascinating idea is the basis for the comedy "Waking Ned Devine", a good movie with more than a lot of potential thrown in for good fun. Even thought there are some problems with the film, the whole experience is engaging from beginning to end. "Waking Ned Devine" is a smart and original comedy that uses the lottery, as well as being part of a community, as its focus.The plot involves a little village in the country of Ireland where everyone can be lucky. One night, the lottery is drawn, and it is revealed that a winner was chosen from this little community. But there is a catch to all of this: no one knows who the winner is. So, two friends named Michael and Jackie (David Kelley and Ian Bannen respectively) do some research, and find out that it's their good friend Ned Devine who has won. There's just one problem: Ned has died from the shock of winning the lottery. Now, Jackie and Michael have a serious issue on their hands, along with some large money, too."Waking Ned Devine" can be considered a light-hearted comedy with a little bit of dry humor at its side. In fact, most of the humor comes from the delivery of the cast giving out great performances here. And going along with this, we are given scenarios, that definitely blend both the comedic and dramatic side that this movie has to offer. What we have here are quirky moments, most notably is a scene in which Jackie and Michael ride a motorcycle nude, and the movie brings out a smile to anyone who watches this film. Plus, since this is an Irish production, the cinematography in this movie looks beautiful. From the landscapes, to the authenticity of the culture, the film definitely looks amazing. Speaking of which, the movie creates a very nice setting, and the costumes that each actor and actress wear, fits the modern society that this movie brings. Overall, "Waking Ned Devine" is an interesting and engaging film to look at, as well admire for the culture that it brings forth.With that being said, there are a few problems with the film as a whole. For instance, there is a side plot involving two lovers, which is fine, but it almost feels unnecessary towards the main plot of the movie. Second, the pacing provided here, can be a little too fast, making the viewer wanting the movie to slow down for a bit. Finally, while the story is engaging, as well as quite interesting, if the events that happened in the film happened in real life, then there would be serious consequences given out. But then again, this is a work of fiction, so it's not like what happened here is real.In conclusion, "Waking Ned Devine" is an overall good comedy about an event that could change the outcome of a single individual; even if they're dead.

Jake P (us) wrote: What a piece of rap movie. I remember liking this film when it was released but now watching it almost 20 years later and this time being an adult it's awful. Bad acting and bad story. It's just stupid.

Nathan K (es) wrote: Like Top Gun only it sucks.

Sabra E (ca) wrote: Interesting doc about old school and pop comics with Crumb and Pekar, among others, providing lively interviews as the characters behind the ink of infamous underground/outerworld comics.

Rodney E (ca) wrote: Classic drama and a decent soundtrack make Over the Edge better than your run of the mill movie about rebel teens being out of control. If you are bored in your town Like I was then you might be able to relate. Matt Dillon cements himself as the star of misguided youths in this movie

Steve D (es) wrote: Just plain stupid. Really changed a lot of facts to the stories detriment

Irvin C (au) wrote: I just revisited this. I'm reminded by how CRAZY this movie is. More than that, it features stunning cinematography and fantastic performances. Did I say that this movie is absolutely nuts? I love it.


Greg W (gb) wrote: ok WWII pic post WWII

James L (ag) wrote: Great cast and admirable project...but much to dull and nonchalant, when considering the importance of the real story.

Greg W (nl) wrote: loved this sie terry gilliam fan.nce i saw it in the theater my ex was a hug

Kade C (ca) wrote: Pixar's most lovely, charming movie by far, WALL-E delievers on so many levels. As a fan of science-fiction, I love the world that was created for the movie. And the love story is one that is perfect for all ages, and one of the few love story driven films I can enjoy.

Lina F (br) wrote: It had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I wanted to gut this bitch of a nanny, and I don't even like children. However, I didn't really understand why the oldest boy couldn't just call the police, and it doesn't make sense that she was a raging asshole the entire time. She could've just gotten the kids to trust her, then sedated them and taken the baby. Also, the ending was pretty obvious and frustrating.