Pumping Iron II: The Women

Pumping Iron II: The Women

PUMPING IRON II: THE WOMEN, a film that is changing the way the world views the female physique-creating "a new definition of the female form." Join four women as they prepare for the 1983 Caesars Palace World Cup Championship: the sultry and curvaceous Rachel McLish, the current champion; the almost manly, super-muscular Bev Francis, Rachel's toughest competition; and newcomers Lori Bowen and Carla Dunlap.

"Pumping Iron," the film that turned the obscure sport of male bodybuilding into an overnight phenomenon and made Arnold Schwarzenegger a star, broke the ground. Now, experience PUMPING ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Pumping Iron II: The Women torrent reviews

Roger C (gb) wrote: Nothing surprise in Story and acting, fighting styles and scenes are designed quite nice though.

Yana A (es) wrote: that was one of the weirdest movies i have ever seen.

Lee H (it) wrote: A fairly original storyline with some good twists. You are not sure who is who until well into the film which I liked. I think the two main characters worked well together and would like to see them together again.

Begoa N (mx) wrote: Ms encasillado no se puede estar. Cary Elwes lleva el mismo peinado y gafas en todas las pelis de terror que aparece. XDDD La peli, como cualquiera al uso, se deja ver. Puede que un poco mejor que otras que he visto, aunque no puedo opinar mucho porque no suelen gustarme este tipo de pelculas.

Terry (ru) wrote: love it.. anything with Stephen Baldwin in it is good

Skip F (jp) wrote: Julia Roberts has the biggest mouth since Martha Raye and Bob Hope's nose. But, oozes sex. I ask myself Why??? Why??? Why???

Luke S (ca) wrote: On first viewing the movie felt very much to me like nothing more than a cheesy popcorn action flick. I saw it all as just a lighthearted romp through Chinatown with extremely enjoyable yet bemusing magical Chinese mumbo jumbo, the most average of Joes in the protagonist, patriotic trucker Jack Burton (Kurt Russell) doing the whole save-the-world, beat-the-bad-guy, and get-the-girl shtick, leading an ensemble of fun stock characters against a campy as hell villain, Lo Pen (James Hong). It wasn't until later that it dawned on me how that mix of both simplicity and creativity made this movie so brilliant. Jack being such an average Joe lampoons the tough-as-nails white American badass with a minority sidekick being the special someone to take on all the minions in combat and thwart the villain's evil plans. As Carpenter himself has stated, Burton is the sidekick to the ass-kicking, good-natured Wang Chi (Dennis Dun), who is the skilled fighter, largely familiar with the Chinese lore, and whom the stakes are higher for seeing as how the love of his life, Miao Yin (Suzee Pai) is whom he is fighting to be reunited with. Burton, in contrast, is a bumbling trucker who can barely throw a punch, is as utterly confused as the audience throughout the course of the film, and has very little chemistry or connection to his green-eyed lady of the film, Gracie Law (Kim Cattrall). Why the movie bombed with both critics and audiences I cannot say for sure. While I am certain opening the same week as James Cameron's Aliens didn't help, reading the critical reviews at the time gives me the impression that like me, people did not know they were getting something new and clever in Big Trouble in Little China, oblivious to all the clever spins on certain tropes in contemporary action movies and instead looking at the movie as a silly generic fantasy action movie. Since then it seems people appreciate those clever storytelling devices more, and combined with the film's unique production design, innovative albeit random practical and visual effects, entertaining fight choreography, and corny yet likeable characters make not only a fun-as-hell action movie with some clever plays on conventional action cliches, but also a largely influential action film that inspired the likes of the characters of Shang Tsung and Raiden from Mortal Kombat, but I would not be surprised if say George Miller took the influence of the "main character being a sidekick in his own movie" spin in Mad Max: Fury Road.

Ian B (gb) wrote: Extremely atmospheric anthology film from Italian horror legend Mario Bava. Boris Karloff introduces the three tales, some much better than others. "The Telephone" is a fairly enjoyable giallo mystery about a woman menaced by terrifying phone calls. It's mildly suspenseful and has a good twist ending, but this is the weakest of the three. "The Wurdaluk" features Karloff as an 18th century vampire come back to claim his family. Definitely the most atmospheric of the stories and features some truly bizarre and creepy cinematography. "A Drop of Water" is hands down the most terrifying of the tales. When a nurse steals the ring off the corpse of a psychic her ghost comes back to haunt her. The ghost Bava has put on film is guaranteed to give even the most hardcore viewers the creeps! The scripts are all fairly weak and the performances boarder on campy, but it really doesn't matter because this is still one of the most beautifully shot and atmospheric horror films of the era.

Kevin N (de) wrote: One of the greatest short films I've ever seen, and a revolution in story-telling. Crisp and visceral editing make this brisk forty minutes nothing short of hypnotic, and Kirsanoff's obviously brilliant vision becomes engulfing in the final product. Nadia Sibirskaia puts on one of the most jaw-dropping performances to be found in the cinema of the 1920s, a heartfelt and delicate piece of naturalism which remains just as stunning now as it ever could have been. This is often considered a part of the early avant-garde film movement, but the images come across so logically to me that they define that kind of categorization.

Timothy B (br) wrote: A flat and boring movie, yes it has that Cronenberg look and feel made famous by his father. But can't really recommend this as a enjoyable Sci-Fi

Joseph W (br) wrote: I enjoyed this film just as I did the book. Shailene Woodley was the perfect casting choice for Tris! Also, this series hits close to home, cus I live right near Chicago

Riis W (ag) wrote: My daughter and I both enjoyed this wonderful movie, a must see for all.

Kilo D (es) wrote: At its best, "The Lady From Shanghai" is thrilling and amazing; at its worst, the script screams for an editor.