Tall, exotic looking and aimless 17-year-old Do Wan-deuk lives in a shabby house in a poor hillside village with a dwarf father and a stammering uncle. One day, his teacher reveals the surprising news that Wan-deuk’s runaway mother was actually from the Philippines and that Wan-deuk has a chance to see her again.

17-year-old Wan-Deuk comes from a poor family and his grades in school are equally poor. He is a rebellious and troubled student, but he never loses in fights. Wan-Deuk then meets teacher ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul L (it) wrote: Painfully honest and not terribly funny. Good though. Alternate titles....The Freebie: A Cautionary Tale.....The Freebie: Some Restrictions May Apply

Corey R (gb) wrote: truly worthy of the resident evil name as it follows the games plot that I love!

Ahmed M (us) wrote: Entertaining, but is it silly at a lot of times? Yes. Did I have a good time watching this? Yes.

Bob V (kr) wrote: First pairing of what would become a very productive duo: Jack Lemmon & Walter Matthau, directed by good friend Billy Wilder. Amusing enough, fast-paced and sharp, but never manages to reach the level of Irma LaDouce, The Apartment or Some Like It Hot.

Carolyn G (ru) wrote: This movie got lost in the 80's in a sea of John Hughes. Definitely, Hughes fare was superior but this film should not have been so overlooked or universally panned by critics. One critic cited it "Ringwald at the start of her downward slide" (and he would be wrong - that was the horrific "Fresh Horses"). The big screen debut of Randall Batinkoff should have lead to a great (instead of mediocre) career but that unfortunately did not come to pass. His last notable role was in "Higher Learning" and then he was on to obscure indies, straight-to-cable and TV fare. Still, this is a good movie well worth checking out if you've written it off under the assumption that it was truly "her downward slide".

Art S (it) wrote: Lawrence Tierney's starring debut as the titular bank robber is a no frills bio pic (of sorts) shot for Poverty Row studio Monogram. Highlighted by an early script from noir specialist Philip Yordan - best known for Johnny Guitar - the film is concise at 70 minutes and keeps its action to a minimum, favouring blunt talking instead. However, Tierney would snarl more, with more wicked charm, in Born to Kill (1947) and, of course, Reservoir Dogs (1992). So, if you are looking for Film Noir or heist films, this isn't the place to start but it's not bad for a B genre film if this is your bag.

Kalindi D (ag) wrote: well done peter. a little confusing at the end, but a very good capture of the hippie stereotype the whole way through

Johnathon W (gb) wrote: Creepy debut picture by Lynch that established his disturbing and sometimes incomprehensible filmmaking. The cast does their job, with the lead actor, Jack Nance, bringing the right mix of strangeness & bewilderment to what is going on. The real star, of course, is writer/director David Lynch, who makes a remarkable but weird debut, feeling the screen with some many strange images, from an alien baby to a woman living in a radiator, you never really know what is going on but will be mesmerized (it helps Lynch keeps the length at 90 minutes). It can often be frustrating, as Lynch never spells out what it all means (a popular theory it is a man's nightmare of becoming a parent) but it is interesting to watch. Like all Lynch films, an acquired taste but for Lynch fans, a great opening meal to his larger career.

Rob B (de) wrote: Another far fetched inconsistent military action film... Do you just need to have played cod to make war films now. Very very disappointing and frustrating that such talentless directors are given funding to make such rubbish!

Amanda W (kr) wrote: Absolutely hilarious!I love the scene where her dad takes her to the shrink,and he asks her to think of all the swear words beginning with the letter A,then through to F and the scene where her goody goody sister tells a roomful of people what rude words she had just said...soooo funny from start to finish!