Punjab Bolda

Punjab Bolda


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:Panjabi
  • Reference:Imdb
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Punjab Bolda torrent reviews

Tameka P (es) wrote: Never been interested or scared by the this particular subgenre of horror but damn!!! Has to be one of the best horror films to come out in a while.

Barry H (gb) wrote: The idea for this movie was interesting enough but much more could have been done with it.

Don H (gb) wrote: This film was mildly entertaining, but the presence of the adorable Jake T. Austin made it fun to watch.

Geri B (kr) wrote: A load of what was new but is now old nonsense. Really if you want to watch this film try capturing and plucking the wings off a house-fly. The two are equally sadistic and banal. Plus house flies are free.

Robert H (mx) wrote: This installment of the franchise brings a more story driven film but with fewer returning characters. It's also extremely predictable and, for those who have seen the other films, repetitive. While the strength of Bubba Smith and the auditory fx of Michael Winslow are put to more use, it is just more of the same we've seen through the previous 5 films.McCoy has left behind his Guttenberg clone roots and become a real cop in this film. While there were signs in previous films, it isn't until #6 that his character becomes the brains of the operation.It is at this point in the franchise that you quickly realize that if you took what was good about each film in the series and put them together into one film, you'd probably have a very good comedy. Makes you wonder if perhaps they should... I'm going to say it... remake Police Academy

Greg W (mx) wrote: A big, Harry family adventure full of laughs.

Sanjay R (ag) wrote: WOW! its a treat to see the way the characters are so well developed and first rate actors performing acts from a first rate screenplay.

Blake P (ag) wrote: Filmed at an awkward time where musicals weren't so cool anymore and the rock 'n' roll age was up-and-coming, "Bells Are Ringing" is an example of a late comedy musical. It isn't as good as one would expect, considering it's helmed by none other than Vincente Minnelli, but there are a few delights that one can wring out from the film. One of them, maybe even the only one, is Judy Holliday, a few years before her untimely death in 1965 at the age of 43. She shines brightly, even if everything around her isn't too special. Holliday portrays Ella, a down-on-her luck, near-spinsterhood woman who's looking for love but is having a hard time finding it. Day and night, Ella works tirelessly for Susanswerphone, a revolutionary independent phone company that serves as a sort-of personalized answering machine. Ella, who takes the messages and gives them out, can't help but get emotionally involved with her customers. One man that especially sticks out to her is handsome playwright Jeffrey Moss (Dean Martin), who has lost his writing partner and is close to becoming an alcoholic. It doesn't take long for Ella to fall for him, and before long, they meet face to face. The trouble is, is that Ella gets butterflies when she first sees him, and assumes a fake name to cover her true identity. Though Holliday is magnificent as always, "Bells Are Ringing" doesn't leave you with that sticky, sugar-sweet feeling you get when you watch musical comedies. It's either because a) there is no beautiful Technicolor, which always gives musicals the essence of "why can't the real world be like a musical?", or b) there aren't enough show-stopping numbers to pull us into a fit of awe. There is a plethora of pretty (but instantly forgettable) songs, all performed flawlessly by Holliday, Martin, or both, and there are plenty of charming jokes to give us an easy laugh, but there isn't that satisfying "oomph" you might feel as you're watching "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" or "The Band Wagon." Half the fun of a musical is achieving the feeling of escapism and happiness, but "Bells Are Ringing" spends more time with plot than true fun. But none of the issues seem to fall onto the two leads, both of whom leave the project unscathed. Holliday, as usual, is wonderful, going far past her usual "dumb-blonde" routine and making us truly care about her character. She is certainly fresh in this kind of genre, as she isn't jaw-droppingly gorgeous (cough cough, Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable, Cyd Charisse, etc.) and doesn't have a singing-voice a la Judy Garland. She has a special kind of quality in which we love her almost instantaneously. Holliday truly gives "Bells Are Ringing" the boost it needs. The same goes for Martin, whose voice and charm makes him perfect for the role. Though he often times was more famous for his many film collaborations with Rat-Pack buddy Frank Sinatra, this film shows him at his finest. He sings a couple of tunes that most likely made the female crowd swoon in 1960, and whenever he's down on his luck in the film, it isn't hard to feel sorry for him. Martin and Holliday don't always make sense as a couple, but they're both individually excellent. "Bells Are Ringing" is far from being the best example of a musical comedy, but there are a few enjoyable moments that make it worth a look.

Otageemeur L (de) wrote: "An Adventure in Space and Time" is a TV documentary depicting the life of William Hartnell during his Doctor Who age, being the one who played the first doctor in Doctor Who. It is also talking about the creation of Doctor Who and the struggle that went with its creation.This docudrama is really well done, we can feel the emotions of William Hartnell as the time goes by and the whole production cast leave for other adventures. We can also feel the stress and struggles that went through to create the show and make sure it becomes a hit...

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