Puppet on a Chain

Puppet on a Chain

Special agent Taube is on the case of a deadly heroin smuggling operation. This one is notable for an amazing power boat chase through the canals and waterways of Amsterdam

Following a triple professional hit a U.S. agent arrives in Amsterdam to investigate a heroin smuggling ring. He finds a city rife with drugs and a police force unable or unwilling to do ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Fran H (us) wrote: I was fascinated by this film from the first to the last minute. Don't understand the negative reviews.

Alex K (nl) wrote: My Favorite Film Is 1941's Citizen Kane.

Craig W (mx) wrote: Ok-ish, bunch of snowboarders get slahed up by a masked skier.

Wayne I (nl) wrote: I felt like it was a great Scorsese film that was missing the director Martin Scorsese.

Wade H (fr) wrote: Wilson and Chan deliver hilarious scenes with well timed action and comedy. It's handle well enough to be a great buddy comedy in the west.

Gregory G (jp) wrote: Wes Anderson's lyrical, offbeat coming-of-age comedy "Rushmore" is a true original. Max (Jason Schwartzman) is a precocious overachiever who attends a prestigious prep school where he spends more time in extra curricular activities than in his studies. He falls for a first-grade teacher (Olivia Williams) while befriending a local business tycoon (Bill Murray). The humor is droll and eccentric but there is an underlying desperation that is poignant. It has parallels to "The Graduate" but it is less calculated and more heartfelt than that. Bill Murray gives one of his finest performances as a successful businessman suffering a mid-life crisis. Murray is very subtle here showing an adult who is capable of acting like a juvenile while expressing shades of loneliness and regret. Anderson uses a symmetrical mise en scene but it isn't over composed in a manner that would mar his later movies. The Scorsese-like soundtrack with music by Mark Mothersbaugh, consisting of British invasion rock songs, is fresh and inspired. Selected for preservation by the National Film Registry. Written by Anderson and Owen Wilson. With Brian Cox as the school headmaster, Mason Gamble, Seymour Cassel, Connie Nielsen, and Luke Wilson.

Jessica J (fr) wrote: This movie is a fantastic story of Indian diaspora in England. It covers everything from the wrath of fundamentalism, desperation to assimilate, inter racial romance, and familial drama. I think this is a really important movie.

Tim S (ru) wrote: Not as bad as people say it is, but still a watered down version of what's come before.

Jeremy S (au) wrote: A really good movie that needs to get a dvd release. If you like movies that have good lead acting and drama then this is a good movie for you.

Alex B (ag) wrote: Best ever (at least fictional) rock 'n roll movie? (The young Swan looks uncannily like Justin Bieber!) Watch it with Privilege.

Andrey B (es) wrote: This now legendary movie demonstates the possibilities of cinema at the end of the XX century.

Jason J (ru) wrote: Lassie's son Laddie and his master Joe are shot down over Norway during WW2 and have to hide from the Nazis. Another great Lassie movie.

Tim C (de) wrote: Waited to long to finally watch this Great Movie Based On Jay Moriarty's Surfing Life and Beginnings

Steve W (au) wrote: Another Chaplin masterpiece, this is one of his greatest achievements. The simply love story about a tramp who pretends to be a millionaire when he gets in the good graces of a lush, and uses his sporadic wealth to charm a blind flower girl. Full of socio-economic themes and simple physical humour, the movie transcends time with its poignant finale, in which the tramp and flower girl are re-united. Also noticeable is that Chaplin not only starred, directed, and wrote the movie, he also composed the music, which adds a lot of elements to the mood. Especially noteworthy is the frantic musical score for the climactic boxing match and the police chase. City Lights will always be a classic, a mix of humour and heart that stands way above the rest.

Frederic C B (gb) wrote: The Good:Joaquin Phoenix brings a wonderful performance and a weird charm as the brilliant yet hippie-like washed out PI. At time, its dry humor totally works to generate unexpected laughs. Fun supporting performances by actors who had worked with Phoenix before, such as Josh Brolin, Benicio del Toro, Resse Whiterspoon, and many others. The movie starts slow but immediately becomes more intriguing with its interconnecting cases.The Not-so-Good:The movie's duration is definitely too long in that it becomes quite tedious to follow after 90 minutes or so. The conclusion doesn't really pay off, and the way everything is solved feels a bit odd and not as satisfying as the early run seems to hint at.