When troubled teen boy Stevie (Cameron Van Hoy) and his girlfriend, Rocky (Mischa Barton), attempt to rob a bank without any forethought, the situation rapidly deteriorates. Soon the young couple is holding bank customers and employees hostage, while law enforcement gathers outside. Daniel Bender (Burt Reynolds), a veteran negotiator for the FBI, is charged with assessing the crime scene and ending the standoff as quickly as possible, but Stevie's short fuse considerably complicates matters.

Two teens impulsively decide to rob a bank, a la Bonnie and Clyde. Quickly they find themselves in over their heads as they are forced to take a bank full of hostages and the FBI are at the... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Simon H (fr) wrote: dccxvcxcfgdxxxxxxxxx chef f whenever dsawffqweetyiofhdldjs (C)

Rob G (mx) wrote: Weird movie about loss and grief and stuff.

Beth M (mx) wrote: Had me screaming at the TV by the end - the story swirls deeper and deeper down and pulls everything with it. A real snowball! Part of the film's grasp on me was its realism, very well done. There is an awkward tension between Frank and Lynette, especially when they first meet, and it is interesting to watch their relationship develop as they gradually loosen up around each other. Marsden's performance as Frank is fierce and brutal, sometimes a bit gross - he really gave it his all. The story seems to thicken quite naturally and film is very good at making the viewer empathetic to its heavy story lines. The story is bleak but sincere.

Jc E (fr) wrote: Charming romantic comedy. Emily was her irresistible self charming two men but must pick one in the end. Establishing salmon fishing in Yemen was only a minor project in the film. The bigger project was the romantic adventures of Emily. She picked intellect and maturity over youth and beauty in the end, much to the delight of Dr Alfred (Ewan McGregor) and the disappointment of Robert the war Hero (Tom Mison). Sleepy Hollow does not do do justice to Tom Mison in conveying that youthful, GQ charm.

Elijah L (us) wrote: Bolstered by incredible cinematography and phenomenal performances from Daniel Day-Lewis and Paul Dano, There Will Be Blood is excellent from start to finish. With his career-defining performance, Daniel Day-Lewis solidifies himself as one of the finest actors of the modern era, and sets the bar high for what it means to be a good actor.

Phani T (mx) wrote: Another Johnny Depp-Tim Burton combine, with Depp not being "full blown". The visuals are typical Burton gothic - and there is, like in most of his other movies, never any sunlight - it's always winter and twilight or night. With the creepiness set by lighting, it gets a booster with Depp's act - but its only creepiness, not horror, and I don't think it was meant to be a horror/slasher movie either. It's a crime and detection with the supernatural thrown in. And that works well.Ok Watch.

Tim K (jp) wrote: One of the most underrated action movies.

Stephen C (mx) wrote: Part glam rock, part drug trip, part b action girl revenge movie.

Tom H (us) wrote: Universal Pictures thought they could skim the success of Fox`s "Patton" by making "MacArthur". Well i don`t know if it was a hit or not, but it is not near the grandeur of what "Patton" is. Even so i found this film to be good in other ways and found it to be an interesting telling of a larger than life general.

Cameron F (ca) wrote: "Tonight we're not thinking tonight we're just doing".That's exactly what this did,they did get the drama part down but the smart ass humor and uncomfortably awkward moments that often show up don't help.The performances didn't do anything for me,I mean Topher grace is meh,Teresa Palmer who plays his love interest was cute,I love Anna Farris but not in this because she's lame and doesn't look good as a brunette,Chris Pratt plays her douche boyfriend but was good at it and Dan Fogler who played Topher's friend Barry sucked the funny out of the whole movie.