A young boy trying to deal with his mother's heroin addiction befriends a waitress who helps him cope with the tough situation.

A young boy trying to deal with his mother's heroin addiction befriends a waitress who helps him cope with the tough situation. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew F (nl) wrote: Strangely watchable and fascinating adventure!!!

Leyla P (ca) wrote: Awesome doc about an awesome sport and group of people.

Amalia A (au) wrote: it's like see part of my life. living in an awkward act, rude and alone. See this movie make me aware much more. Inspiring movie anyway... nice. The songs are soft and nice.

Lisa Michelle A (ag) wrote: Sounds good. I'd like to see it for Cuba Gooding Jr.

Facebook U (au) wrote: Nothing about this movie is original, the payoff could have been better, and some parts feel just plain disjointed, but the entertainment it provides still bathes in wit and amusement, making RockinRolla a solid time with the movies.

Bryan P (kr) wrote: Ok this was delightful. Enemies becoming friends?!!! Never saw it coming!

Tyson P (jp) wrote: i thought it was pretty cool. filmed kind of like a frank miller movie. i will admit that at times they really cheaped out on the cgi(when the mutants first attack) but most of the time its pretty amazing.

Vlad S (us) wrote: Imagine Battle Royale in an Appartment!!

chuckster (nl) wrote: Awesome, great, amazing. Really gets you in touch with what its like to be in the water.

Jenna S (us) wrote: Very deep sighting of how many women live their lifes.

Gina B (gb) wrote: One of my very favorite romance movies of all time even though it's over the top in every way...and one of my top that have been filmed in New York with the city as a main character. Central Park never looked better...and Richard Gere!

Bobby C (jp) wrote: Fuck the haters shaq in a genie outfit is awesome... 4% really rotten tomatoes. I just have this to say about people that dont like kazaam.... Fuck you... I AM KAZAAM

Lee M (ag) wrote: Rolf De Heer's "Bad Boy Bubby" is an original dramatic comedy with something to offend just about everybody. Provocative in content, and stylistically daring and inventive.

Wacanda K (fr) wrote: Saw this movie along time ago when I was younger. ..it was pretty good

Christine R (fr) wrote: Greer Garson (one of my favorites) is amazing portraying the true life story of Edna Gladney, a woman struck by tradgedy many times in her life, but dedicated to bettering the lives of children. She led the crusade to change the stigma of illegitimacy and found thousands of homes for children in need of a family. Touching and sad, but also uplifting. Great film.

Scott P (it) wrote: Until you watch this film, it's impossible to understand the spectacle of Hitler's rule in Germany. Hundreds of thousands of people are shown basically worshipping Hitler. He truly was a god. Like Roger Ebert wrote, it's nice to know most of these people were dead within a few years of this propaganda's release. Must-see for all citizens of the world.

Nadia C (kr) wrote: Felicity Jones is amazing in almost every film she's in( I hope she'll get some kind of recognition after the award buzz for "The theory of everything"). Her character is sweet and sophisticate. There's no wonder how Guy Pearce's character fell in love with her. I really loved the soundtrack. Most of all I liked the piano piece of Chopin played by Sophie in the classroom. Since this is Felicity's second collaboration with Drake Doremus, you could feel the same vibe from "Like crazy". Even the camera framing was very similar.

Camille L (us) wrote: Memoires de nos Peres aurait pu etre un film de guerre comme il en existe des centaines. A la place, Clint Eastwood en fait une dissertation sur ce qu'est un heros, sur la guerre et sur la culpabilite, ce qui renforce enormement l'importance et l'interet du film. Avec une telle ambition, Eastwood s'en sort comme un chef, avec des sequences intimistes fabuleuses et des scenes de guerre epoustouflantes, a l'image de ce qu'on pouvait retrouver dans Band of Brothers, la reference a l'epoque. Les trois acteurs principaux sont excellents, comme le supporting cast, compose de Paul Walker, Barry Pepper ou encore John Slattery pre-Mad Men. Une reussite, a l'image de son score compose par Clint Eastwood himself.

Dave J (au) wrote: Monday, June 23, 2014 (2014) Jamesy Boy DRAMA Co-written and directed by Trevor White for it looked like a project actor Mark Walberg might've been involved in since the person this movie was about by the name of James (Spencer Lofranco) was identical to Walberg's life story as well. Anyways, while I was watching this, also reminded me back in the day when I was still in high school, and one of my teachers would instruct the class to write a fabricated story about 'troubled youths', STDs and drugs(part of a sex Ed thing), making the point that the entire experience was similar to something I can come up with myself, including (without the occasional swearing) find from the Hallmark channel because of it's life's hard lessons message. The real irony of it was that it was actually based on an actual person, except that parts of the movie seemed completely made up, just because it has to be a two hour movie. I ended up using the fast-forward button while playing on a few scenes since it just seemed like it would drag on forever. Mary-Louise Parker also stars as James, single mom, Tracy, James Woods stars as prison guard Lt. Falton and finally, Ving Rhames plays dangerous cellmate Conrad. 2 out of 4 stars

Dylan M (fr) wrote: racy film for 1970, there wasn't much of a point to the movie, just shock