Pure Blood

Pure Blood

A young police rookie in South Africa stands up against a band of pro-Apartheid vampires in need of his racially pure blood.

A young police rookie in South Africa stands up against a band of pro-Apartheid vampires in need of his racially pure blood. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James H (au) wrote: A generic cop film with a slight edge in the sense that it had some good actors in the roles and it wasn't too boring. Other that that, it's cliched and incredibly forgettable. I almost forgot I saw it. 61/100

Shrina S (ru) wrote: i watched this for the first time in 1998 and instantly loved the movie... i thought it was funny and entertaining! I wanted to live in halloweentown. Now i am older and wiser and still believe that this is one of the best movies ever. It never gets boring, its exciting and i still wish i lived in halloweentown. definitely a good movie for Disney channel!

Jack G (mx) wrote: script better than director

Derek M (au) wrote: One of the truest examples of "it never gets old." It really doesn't. 20 years after it's release and it's still fresh and funny as ever.

Octavian (mx) wrote: [Interested: cannot find.]

Kim B (ru) wrote: I really would've liked this film more but it's so tame n been done twice over so many times that's it hard to appreciate nowadays. It also moves very slow n bc this comedy has been copied so much u can often see the punchlines coming. Chaplin is very charming n like able. He has a dark sense of humor who uses bad circumstances, creativity, clumsiness, n odd coincidences to his benefit. It says something that despite what I've mentioned earlier and this being so old at parts I was laughing. A couple of rememberable scenes like the dinner roll dance.

Deb K (fr) wrote: This is a movie within a movie. Typical B Movie Slasher type movie with a scary clown and all kinds of weird creatures. Great creepy movie to watch for Halloween. Not a 5 Star. I've seen much better.

Tom D (mx) wrote: I love this film. I am not sure the extent to which it is a guilty pleasure or if it is a genuine classic. It is a grimm fairy tale for the modern world. It is beautifully structured. A lot of it is hilarious. Visually stunning. And the score is out of this world. The story seems slight. But great films have been built around less. It's reputation may grow. It is proof that this is a great director. But I already knew that.

Dylan D (it) wrote: Iron Man: Rise of Technovore doesn't work particularly well on any level. The story and script don't compliment the action; the former is overcooked and the latter nothing special. The animation would have to work hard to appear any more bland. The voice acting ranges from good to acceptable, with the former covering only the lead characters. There's not much here, and while it's something of an apples-to-oranges comparison beyond the name given the differences in budget and style, this Iron Man absolutely pales next to the vastly superior live action films.

Marc K (it) wrote: Not quite as good as the first film. I got to see a leaked screaning from HK. The message put forth is an extreme leftist propaganda type. However, many of the points made are true. It's a bold move from Uwe considering the timing of the release of this film. I have to hand it to Uwe though....this is certainly some of his best work ever. Not a bad watch at all....but can be an uncomfortable one. Not for the faint of heart or the typical conservative.

MC L (nl) wrote: A rousing stop motion flick full of heart and laughs.

Martin B (mx) wrote: Sweet idea about how the brittish travelled to the moon in 1899.Loved the first part with the angry russian astronaut finding the union jack on a rock on the moonin present time (early 1960's). Then in the flashback that really is the movie with the evil space muppets it goes downhills, but still fun in some way

Eric B (au) wrote: A decent plot is hit over the head with a battle axe by the illogical writing of Shyamalan's worst, the subtlety of Bayhem, and the skill of Tommy Wiseau.

Jacob L (fr) wrote: This one is slightly better than the last one w/o a doubt. The comedy, plot, & action improved in a good way. The last one felt like a Transformer movie, but this felt like a good old turtles that I remembered years ago. I like this movie!