Purely Belter

Purely Belter

Gerry and Sewell are broke. Gerry's still at school and Sewell is unemployed/ They botyh wish for better things in life. Owning two season tickets to their beloved football club is their biggest dream of all. The tickets cost £1000 - they're £1000 short. But they are nothing if not resourceful, and they set themselves a mission to raise the cash. While they think up increasingly outlandish money making schemes - from selling junk to shoplifting and the odd bit of housebreaking - real life begins to interfere with the pair's final scam going hilariously awry landing them in jail, only to discover that their punishment gets them exactly where they want to be!

Two teenage boys will do anything to get money to buy season tickets for their local team. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christopher B (it) wrote: Aimed at the 6-14 ageset; Batman shows his true colors...

Dennis R (us) wrote: Stanley Tucci is brilliant in this and the reason it is worth watching. The cast is solid. This film truly does remind us the days of admiring Oliver Stone*s "Wall Street" is over. These Hedge Fund "brokers," "analysts" and their legal team should never be allowed to be filthy rich due to the amount of scheming they do amongst each other. They should have an immediate cap on their earnings. They should also have to volunteer for three years before or during their career in some form in society. The amount of earnings in this sector is the great difference in our century and the last. The salaries of the 1970 broker was not even close to the salaries today. I have a problem with the limited set in the film. They have to show the common family struggling and investing. This is also the change with past times. Only the very rich traded or dabbled in investments in past times. Many real people are hurt now. Countless real families go broke. In fact, the bubble for the financial elite does not actually exist. It is as fictional as the fake earnings of a Ponzi schemer like the infamous, long term generational cheater B. Madoff. How many decades did it take to indict and imprison this sociopath? These cold assholes represented here have to be made to realize their actions have an incredible awful tsunami effect for 97% of the population(ie 2008). The speech by Irons about the cyclical history of the economy is interesting but also completely without base; he has purposely factored out the fact many MORE common people with common savings lose everything when the greed of the financial sector is left unchecked. GREED and the BIG BONUS sub culture of Wall Street has taken over in the USA. Obama is as much an employee of Wall Street as the CEO on Wall Street. If he is oblivious to this he should wake up. In fact, the current prez could have made the car companies reform but DID NOTHING when he had the chance to do it. Why? Obama had the support of Wall Street to get to the presidency. Period. These people represented in this movie have to be better watched and indicted with LONG prison terms. Demi Moore is wooden and cold throughout this film. She is misused in this film. They should show how beautiful she is at her age and show some development to her character. I mention her personality and sexuality here for a reason. She can pull it off if she put her mind to it. Show her before the party ended with her hair down and her strong sexuality. She is an example to middle aged women that you are at the prime of your sex lives and do not let yourself go. She has an amazing body and dynamic personality at her age and should show it at all times. Instead she resembles an asexual, post DETOX robot. Moreover, the writer mistakenly did not admit the powerless woman or man that relies on a corrupted system where cheating is endemic. The Occident is supposed to be better than this. We are supposed to lead by example instead we tragically have overseas Asians emulating this to all our detriment. Spacey looks too comfortable in the role of office manager to have a conscience and have actually worked a real job. The Tucci character is brilliant and moral and completely corrupted by a system using a math wizard and a trained engineer as a financial shark. This very fact is the consequence of corruption. This indifference creates the communism and even the terrorism we detest. The history of the capitalistic Western economy is one of a free man and woman relying on a tiny bit of honesty at the top. This film shows these people largely do not exist anymore and the credit rating system is completely implicated in creating this kind of morally bankrupt travesty. We need to enforce laws. We need to share more. We need to cage the sharks.

Andrew H (au) wrote: Wholely inadequate adaptation of Gabriel Garca Mrquez's meditation on love in its myriad forms. Dreadfully stilted acting compensated by some tantalising glimpses of Cartagena where I recently spent a few days. Read the book!

Michael S (jp) wrote: Without question one of the greatest war movies I have ever seen!

Arthur N (fr) wrote: A simple story of a boy who changed other peoples' lives.A touching and heartwarming film.Great acting by Jiro Manio who even won an award in Brussels film festival.

Ernest H (es) wrote: A big disgrace to the original. The theme remains the same but everything else is either partly or fully gone. The biggest problem is this movie has nothing that can hook you in. Its no wonder the 2nd movie came out so quickly but the 3rd has yet to be rumoured. This one really gives the series a bad rep.

JH K (mx) wrote: Michael Crichton estaba prodigiosamente dotado para crear premisas interesantes, y esta pelicula no ha conseguido sacarle partido ni desarrollar el planteamiento con solvencia, pero esta suficientemente bien rodada e interpretada como para resultar decente.

Lori D (nl) wrote: Isabella is so cute in this movie.sort of America's version of 4 weddings and a funeral.

Stuart K (gb) wrote: My favorite movie of all time! Watch it if you haven't already seen it.

Jimmy C (es) wrote: Si le projet est effectivement fort ambitieux, on n'est par contre pas toujours certains des avenues empruntes.. Par contre le style reconnaissable des ralisateurs, notamment chez Malle et surtout Fellini, charme plus qu'ils rebutent. Encore marqu par son inoubliable 8, Fellini envote.

Vincent H (ru) wrote: A wonderful showcase of the greatest vaudville talents. Worth it, if you're into musical numbers and the like. If not, it may seem to drag on. But the comedy sketches were fantastice. Something for everyone in this picture.

William C (ag) wrote: With seven films in the 80's and into the 90's, the Police Academy series of comedy films are known for their stupid humour and crazy bunch of characters. Here is where the insanity all kicked off and in mediocre fashion, how this spawned so many sequels I'll never know although financially this was a massive success though. The film is about a new law where basically anyone can apply to be a Police Officer and go through training in the academy. Of course the law brings in many wacky people and those who don't even want to be there because they have to go, the film thrives on creating oddballs but really fails to get a lot of decent jokes out, squandering any chances this had at being at least satisfactory.The film stars people such as Steve Guttenberg, Kim Cattrall, Bubba Smith and for me and I think for many others the best person in this, Michael Winslow. Although the character of Cadet Eugene Tackleberry is close to being the best comedy performance in this, Winslow's character Larvell Jones another cadet is actually funny in this, the noises this guy makes are very memorable even from this film. The movie isn't bad in my opinion far from it, many critics in the day really hated this but it isn't really a movie so dumb you'll want to turn it off, it has it's moments and some are pretty good but I just felt it is a little too dumb to be anything but average.Hugh Wilson is the guy behind this directing and co-writing and he doesn't do so well, the moments in which the film could have been funny are squandered by bad choices direction wise and making some jokes just too crude. The movie could also be said to be misogynistic and homophobic which could be true, I heard many homophobic slurs and characters saying another is gay as an offensive term. The treatment of women in the film is questionable and although Cattrall's character Karen Thompson is a strong minded woman, many women in this are seen only in a sexual way.I think although the film can be backwards, some moments of this movie do have good humour and can be funny(it doesn't excuse the backward attitudes though). It mostly gets by in the laughing areas with physical humour and at times Commandant Lassard the man in charge of the academy has some great one liners. Lt. Harris played by G.W. Bailey is also pretty good in his role, he is easily dislikeable and so many things that happen to harm him or offend him are easily likeable moments of this movie. Overall I can't really recommend Police Academy mostly because it's just not that good, I mean some people may really like it and it could right up you street but it's too silly for me and I feel for others too. So there you have it, the start to a long running series of films that just seemed to never stop, it did finally of course but even today they are talking about doing a reboot, I hope if they do then it can actually be a good film for once.