Dante's 'La Divina Commedia' is a poem in three parts about a journey to hell, purgatory and finally, paradise. Romeo Castellucci created his own free adaptation of Purgatorio on the scene of Chateaublanc in Avignon (France). A mother, a father and their son live in a bourgois appartment where a terrible drama is suggested. The use of hors-champ and sound is wo,nderful as usual with Italian director Castellucci. Written texts appear as subtitles of a movie even if this is pure theater...

Three novellas are connected by the character of Don Julio. The old man lives alone in a hacienda which is being absorbed by the huge Mexico City. Don Julio escapes from the surrounding ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Purgatorio torrent reviews

Tasha C (fr) wrote: I love movies like this, so I have to say it was a good one.

Rodney E (nl) wrote: Updating a TV from the past is always a great idea..Wrong!!!! Especially when your prime audience are people who have no idea what the original TV show was. Like the Jackal, this is more mid 90's crap that has a better soundtrack than an actual movie. And like The Jackal this has a bunch of lame disguises apparently to show some sort of acting range. To be honest, I don't think I made it through most of this movie.

Sebastian H (ca) wrote: The striking beauty of Indochina, caught on camera by Annaud's eye for scenery, and a doomed love relationship. Quite a sad movie and a bit too meandering, but overall quite enchanting...

Patrik J (jp) wrote: Terrible acting. Saw last hour, did they get the costume at the dollar store?

Rodney E (ru) wrote: A am I living the story or is it just my imagination type of movie that has been better in other movies like In the Mouth of Madness. This was one that I had always wanted to see and watched it in the late night hour. While it is pretty ho hum with pacing, the story within the story does provide some suspense. Oh and the makeup of the guy in the story is pretty effective. What ever happened to Jenny Wright?

Anders A (au) wrote: You can go only so far... before your at the Port ov Shadows. With its luminous shadows of choices, dripping the heaven of hopelessness. Great characterisation giving this movie the truth of splendour. The movie shows that all the cunts standing in your way from realising your dreams must be shackled or eliminated, before they do you in.

Bradford G (us) wrote: Good costume drama that probably hasn't aged as well as some others. Burton as always is good but for me, whenever Bujold was on screen she was the only one you wanted to watch.

Filippo V (it) wrote: Un'opera di proporzioni gigantesche che ripropone sul grande schermo una storia stupenda. Il film colpisce sotto tutti gli aspetti tecnici ma sono gli effetti speciali a prevalere, anche se un pelo datati riescono ancora oggi a stupire. I personaggi sono ben caratterizzati e grazie alle situazioni che si vengono a creare si in costante ansia nei loro confronti. Sar dura riuscire a pareggiare o addirittura superare la qualit offerta da Peter Jackson, ma spero proprio che il nuovo film su King Kong ne sia all'altezza.

Sarah M (it) wrote: lol if ya like the rock then watch the toothfairy cus its funny specially when he gets to where a tutu,hahahaha

Richard S (au) wrote: This film noir is criminally unknown. Has Nicholas Cage had a better role? This stylish thriller keeps you guessing with an impressive cast and excellent pacing. Action, humour, romance and plenty of badness, if you don't know it, check it out urgently.

Stuart P (nl) wrote: This awesome movie stars Rudy Ray Moore, D'Urville Martin, and a boom mike in the classic tale of quite possibly one of the Baddest Bad-asses ever to grace the screen. Rudy Ray Moore is Dolemite, and vice-versa: a cool gut-rippin' pimp with an army of fine female kung-fu killers and a distinct hatred for people that eat rat soup. Dolemite was framed by some bad cops, and released from prison to take down Willie Green, whom some folk say is the Baddest mother the world has EVER seen. Well, he's not, cause the movie is named after Dolemite. Dolemite has to get back his club from the notorious Green, dodge two crooked cops with a penchant for coke and having red pockets on blue jeans, randomly kick or shoot "bad guys" to death, rap in the early '70s style, and try to get laid as often as possible - all in a span of 90 minutes. And he does it too! You know why? "Cause he's Bad! Mmm-hmm. The man is out of sight!" Dolemite kicks ass with ease. And by that, I mean he can send someone flying into the trunk of a car with barely a leg lift. When two bored lookin' thugs break into Hamburger Pimp's hole-in-the-wall, Dolemite karate chops their offense into blunders before turning their own guns against them, all the while barely more than a little annoyed at the intrusion. Dolemite is so awesome that the air from his punches can cause mouths to bleed. And he's got, quite possibly, the sweetest living room known to man. Red shag carpet. Blue velvet couch. A bar permanently crowded with naked, or nearly-naked, women and mirrors everywhere. Willie Green, however, isn't much of a villain for Dolemite. In fact, he doesn't have near enough screen time as the boom mike, who starts off its film career with a few peep-ins before finally becoming a part of the scene when Dolemite and Queen Bee are evaluating his karate killers. Willie is there to be evil alongside the diminutive mayor, played by Mario of video game fame, and spends most of his time being screechy and shirtless until Dolemite shows him just how Bad he can be. And how Bad is Dolemite? Dolemite can get shot in the heart, and move the wound to his lower arm. Now that is Bad. "Oh Dolemite I'm so happy."