Purple Death from Outer Space

Purple Death from Outer Space

Edited version of the 1940 Universal serial "Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe", released in a syndication package to TV in 1966.

Edited version of the 1940 Universal serial "Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe", released in a syndication package to TV in 1966. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lee M (nl) wrote: One of those mopey independent dramas that drifts through a mere hint of a plot, this film is worth a look for its unusual setting and a superb central performance from Paul Dano.

francis s (de) wrote: its original,you have to give it that.

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Toni G (us) wrote: loved it, i laughed til i cried

Darrin C (mx) wrote: Relied too heavily on The Umbrella Corp issues to be a genuine zombie flick which is what I wanted.

Alexandra B (gb) wrote: Quoi faire avec la vie qui reste, comment partir ... ? Des questions deplaisantes. Ozon les traite doucement, emotivement et present un film tres fort qui ne donne pas de reponse mais te laisse seul ... pour reflechir.

mat d (nl) wrote: This is just a fantastic film! Very funny and based on a true story. Parts filmed in Godalming!

Ricardo A (gb) wrote: Tadpole it's a witty indie comedy. The actions the characters make are hilarious but the consequences are not big enough to make the movie completely satisfying.

Santiago F (gb) wrote: Laugh out loud funny!!!

Joe S (gb) wrote: Jim Caviezel... great actor...

James S (gb) wrote: Can see why this movie opened itself up to ridicule.

Sacha C (br) wrote: This young lady just doesn't give up. The doctor is sick.

Allan C (de) wrote: Amusing but confused. Not horror, not a parody, could have been great.

Nolan P (fr) wrote: Easily one of the top 25 funniest comedies of all time! What do these so called idiot critics know??? NOTHING!

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Jessie F (fr) wrote: I don't normally like Nicole Kidman but I didn't mind her in this film.

Zsolt H (jp) wrote: This movie is so bad, I was contemplating whether to give 5 or 1 stars eventually. Not like I wasn't full of tears here & there, it's just I wasn't sure if those are tears of joy or pain?!