Pushing Hands

Pushing Hands

The story is about an elderly Chinese tai chi chuan teacher and grandfather who emigrates from Beijing to live with his son, American daughter-in-law, and grandson in a New York City suburb. The grandfather is increasingly distanced from the family as a "fish out of water" in Western culture.

All the while, Master Chu tries to find his place in the foreign American world. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jake W (es) wrote: A fantastic movie, highly recommend. Shows a tale about two lovers from opposite sides of a war.

Carroll H (us) wrote: Spaghetti cops and robbers ... hollywood is churning out medium junk, similar to BadAss and get the Gringo ... mediocrity at its best.

Arthur T (es) wrote: What forgives US corporate interests and those who in this country benefit by unfair trade practices in the face of negative affects the US as a whole? When you say they put dangerous products into our market, who is to blame to let those items in? I am a Chinese-American citizen who understands this threat to our country, but let's be clear, if the populace chooses to buy the cheapest product and our government allows deficient products and an unfair currency arrangement/trade policy[ that's a different topic], I think our own system has its share to blame. I think that it's true that the Chinese government and their economic system [hand in hand] has much blood on its hands, but the consumer and US corporate benefactor cannot be left without blame.

Herschel M (es) wrote: A group of self-righteous Christians start a ponzi scheme with the express intent of taking money away from casinos, which they feel are a scourge on the planet. What's not to loathe? At the very least, it made for good entertainment. I feel bad for the poor people who got suckered into giving these people their money, however. The leader of the pack is nothing short of a sociopath. A scene in which he informs a member that he has to kick him out of the group is especially agonizing, and you get the distinct impression that this guy is immensely fucked up. Their smug attitudes made me giggle with glee every time the casinos got the best of them. Just goes to show that some people believe they can do anything as long as they say "Jesus" with enough frequency.

K Ro C (nl) wrote: very strange but very well done.

Devon M (ru) wrote: Fucked up movie. Not the greatest.

(au) wrote: Parkour is So Cool...

Alastair M (kr) wrote: This is such a bad movie, it's almost funny. But it really is just a propaganda peace for religious groups, produced and funded by fundamentalist church's and there tv stations. Ironically they kinda missed the fact that the villain uses tv to spread his message "people will believe anything the see on tv".

Griffin J (ru) wrote: This film is just ok. Mothra, as always, carries a lot of weight to the plot. The new foe known as Battra looks really cool, and he and Godzilla actually have a brawl underwater! But besides that, this is one of the few films in the Godzilla 90's series I found myself skipping through certain scenes. The plot is just there, and Mothra looks like she got a crap load of pollen spewed all over her body. It just had the potential to be so much more...

Tracy S (gb) wrote: I used to love this movie back in the 80's! I know this isn't much of a review, but haven't seen it since. Excited to see if it still holds it's charms after all these years.

Joseph D (it) wrote: A good heartwarming film from Pacino's early career. This film is heartfelt and makes you care for the characters involved. The youngest kid Heraldo steals every scene he is in.

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