A police detective falls for the bank robber's girlfriend he is supposed to be tailing.

A larcenous undercover cop falls for the beautiful moll of a bank robber on the run and together they double-cross the hood nd the cops. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Abdul Basit S (it) wrote: a must watch bollywood flick from the writer of 3 idiots

James L (us) wrote: The story is presented with an amazing element of drama for a documentary...as Nim bounces around from caregiver to caregiver. One cannot help but feel some empathy towards this animal who learned and retained American Sign Language.

Paula K (ru) wrote: Although it makes its point within the first half hour, it is very powerful viewing, especially for young people learning about media literacy and the gross misrepresentation of women in the media.

Galle C (ru) wrote: Un bon polar la franaise. J'ai bien aim la faon dont est raconte l'histoire de la vie de cette pauvre Candice, elle qui raconte sa vie comme si elle tait dj morte (bon un moment elle l'est c'est sur) et lui qui cherche montrer qu'elle tait pleine de vie. Un scnario assez original et bien ficel. Des acteurs crdibles. Le Jura (ouais quand mme). Un petit ct comdie qui donne une petite pointe de vitalit. L'esprit Marylin qui rgne sur le film.

C b (ru) wrote: When I finally decided to watch Drew Goddard's 'The Cabin in the Woods' I expected the clichd tale of a group of youngsters vacationing in the woods only to be hunted by some psychopath or demonic creature. The truth is I was half right and half wrong, and boy was that wrong, really wrong!Chris Hemsworth is the big draw here and although his role was nothing Thor like, he does plays the big jock adequately. The other characters serve their purpose well while conspiracy theorist and stoner, Fran Kranz, is the stand out performer here. Veteran Bradley Whitford has to get a mention too, as you can't help but like his sadistically kooky character.As the end credits role, you may find yourself impressed with how the creators took an old, run down plot and flipped the script before remixing it Diddy style! Then, you'll begin to wonder if there's a sequel in the works as all you want is more!All in all, writers Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard have done a fantastic job in seamlessly weaving horror and comedy together and creating a refreshing popcorn flick that will make you chuckle before shrieking in horror! Definitely worth a watch!

Jorge O (es) wrote: Film was good...for some prostitutes real life.

THOMAS S (ru) wrote: In this movie despite the fact that Paul Hogan is charming and funny, it's Cuba Gooding, Jr. who steals the show. Incredibly funny, mostly overlooked movie. Do yourself a favor and watch it!

Ryan H (it) wrote: Main complaints: too many closeups and it was slow at times. But overall I thought it was great. Paul Newman directs a subject that seems like it would be tough to tackle. We get inside the head of a lonely woman who was held back at home to take care of her mother. Rachel has many thoughts and desires, but hardly any of them are carried out. She thinks about having close contact with a married man. She sleeps in and doesn't want to wake up. She wants to shove pills in her mother's mouth. She remembers what it's like to be a little girl. It's all emotional to see a 35 year old woman feel so stuck in her life. What can you do at that point? We get out when we're young because that is the social norm. Then a man comes back to town and hits on Rachel. He's from the big city. He's lived life. He's interesting. And she's willing to give him her virginity. It's emotional to go through the relationship with her. Joanna Woodward plays it well. Plus we have the church scenes. Kind of like looking at these people and saying: what are you waiting for? Go out there and live! Or at least that's how I felt. They talk about love, so don't just practice love in the church and repeat it: live it. The shots just bothered me and the pacing could have been much better, but it was great to see it, plus hearing Estelle Parsons speak afterwords was great. She didn't seem to be too big of a fan of the pacing either.

Vincent H (fr) wrote: This was a pretty good movie actually. It seemed a little short though. The action was good and the humor was real swell too. Robinson's performance was certainly something to remember; he played so well off of Bogart along with own scenes. Good stuff.

IRVIN C (ca) wrote: Una pelcula excelente

David B (gb) wrote: It was ok, had laughs but they won't be good as 1 and 2

John B (br) wrote: A look at early "feminism" as we have the story of a woman trying to exceed traditional roles to embrace the lifestyle of a new country. This however is a dull rendition.

Grant S (de) wrote: David Lyons (played by Gene Wilder), a deaf man, runs a convenience store. He recently hired Wally Karue (Richard Pryor), a blind man. A murder is committed in front of the store and both are present but due to their impairments, can't identify the murderer. Moreover, they are the police's prime suspects and are arrested for the murder. They manage to escape but now they have the police and the actual murderers after them.A good comedy, with Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder at the top of their games and at the peak of their partnership. Some great skits, generally revolving around their handicaps, and some great one-liners. The deaf-guy-and-blind-guy routine works very well and is reasonably consistent. There are a few moments where you figure "he couldn't have heard/seen that" but it is generally quite sound. The broader plot does bring down the quality a notch or two though, regenerating into farcical chase scenes or cheap stunts and jokes at times. As mentioned, great work by Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor in the lead roles. Among the supporting cast, Joan Severance is worth watching for many reasons: stunningly beautiful and gives a solid performance as one of the bad guys.Kevin Spacey demonstrates that even great actors have to start somewhere (this was his fourth feature film): his gets to play a cartoonish bad guy with a silly accent and even sillier moustache and has very little room to show his acting talents. Yet, from such beginnings, great careers are born.Good entertainment.

Nathaniel M (ag) wrote: The plot was tight in the first act, but it began to helplessly wander, before returning to a point at the end. The cinematography was beautiful, but it occasionally bordered on distracting.