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Putt Jattan De

Putt Jattan De

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Tim A (it) wrote: A very interesting premise in that your child is capable of something so unthinkable, great acting performances to boot!

Phil S (au) wrote: An outstanding film about a tiny piece of WWI history. Australian miners detonated the largest single explosion ever beneath Hill 60 in Belgium. The blast was felt as far away as Dublin.

Tecia E (kr) wrote: No interested in the heiress

Daniel M (us) wrote: I've seen this movie a good 4-5 times, and it honestly is my favorite Kubrick movie, having seen all thirteen movies, and it's one of my favorite movies of all time, at least in the Top 10.If you ask me, this is Kubrick's masterpiece even above 2001, The Shining, Clockwork, and Strangelove. Every detail of this movie is amazing, the color schemes, acting, screenplay, use of steadicam, long takes, and especially the cinematography with its use and meaning of colors.You can tell every single detail was scrutinized by Kubrick, even the names have meanings (Ie, Bill = Money, Szandor = Mentioning the founder of satanism, Domino = Two or two faced), but especially the colors with blue, red, and black.If you haven't seen this movie, watch it. It's incredible in every possible way.

Leslie F (kr) wrote: Like the martial arts,mysticism,moral thing

Kevin C (jp) wrote: I really enjoy this christmas film because it is very grounded in reallism however the magic of christmas is constant the entire time

Bum D (kr) wrote: an adjustment you can dig.

Orlok W (es) wrote: I don't want to live in a world where Yul Brunner has hair--A classic action western that's under appreciated and hard to find!!

Jho R (ru) wrote: Not as charming as the original.

Gary M (au) wrote: It was pretty slow and boring. I didn't really find myself laughing at all.

Anna J (kr) wrote: An OK movie, but not that funny, really. Minnie Driver's character was smoking all the time, which was, of course, a huge deal. I guess it was supposed to be funny how they didn't let her smoke even outside on the golf course or by the pool.

stu b (au) wrote: I love this film. Coming across this by chance, I saw this rather unexpectedly and it has become one of my favourite films.

James D (ag) wrote: Fun movie, Edge sure as hell is way better than watching Cena.