Putty Hill

Putty Hill

Friends and family of Cory, a young man who has died of an overdose, gather at a Baltimore-area karaoke bar for his wake and compare stories about him. Gradually, as it becomes clear that there are many holes in their recollections about Cory, they fill in the blanks by talking about things that reveal aspects of their own lives. Among those mourning him and searching for meaning are his cousin Jenny, his sister Zoe and his brother James.

A young man's untimely death unites a fractured family and their community through shared memory and loss. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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abby m (mx) wrote: can I watch it besides paying or downloading it??

Rachel M (gb) wrote: This idea would have been much more satisfying and enthralling had it been further developed, and by that I mean developed at all. I feel like there was a point in the middle where I must have fallen asleep and missed an hour or so because I couldn't follow what was going on for more than a few minutes. It did succeed at giving me the creeps, though.

Scott H (nl) wrote: Seven years down the road, the film is fresh, relevant, and timeless. Raised on Roger Altman films, I am not wed to direct story lines nor an apparent mishmash of related scenes thread together to tell a story. Perhaps something more definitive could have been done with the material, but this is they way the story gets told and I think it does its job. The characters ARE fleshed out (the missing scenes would have added some depth, here and there), we DO become attached to them, and they ARE funny. The music is amazingly good, as well.

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Kenny B (ru) wrote: original but shambolic BUT better than Avatar

Kip M (br) wrote: Another delightful Candy comedy, but he can do better.

Trinity C (es) wrote: What the hell? Maybe I should look into this one....

Brinn D (ag) wrote: I thought it was very cool. i love campfire story kid horror movies i would give it 2 1/2 stars

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Rendan L (br) wrote: Vertigo is unpredictable and sharp but it's flawed by uneven storytelling. Grade: B-

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Luke D (it) wrote: weird zombie movie with cheezy special FX...and bad acting...typical b-movie

Cole W (mx) wrote: Ridiculously vulgar and profane, but enjoyably funny. A good movie to watch around the holidays, but definitely not with the family.

Anthony I (it) wrote: It's absolutely, beautifully edited, and impressively written. Christopher Plummer is awesome in this. The father, son story mixed with the whole idea of his own father coming out later in his life is an interesting touch that makes Beginners stand out among other dramas out there. It's an LGBTQ friendly picture, that truly packs a punch for everyone all around. That scrappy dog is adorable too! But the problem was, any time Plummer wasn't onscreen, i tuned out immediately. The romance between McGregor and the french girl bored me to death.. I apologize, I do.. It's just not my cup of tea. It's not a film I'd advise against, for anyone however. There's a lot of praise to go around.

Carmen G (ag) wrote: This was more better than "The Beginning"

Ted W (ca) wrote: Ok movie starring Bruce Willis, 3 old famous people and some young girl that Bruce Willis's character loves for some odd reason, he's like 15 years older than her. Another thing is that at the beginning it says that this is a dc comics movie, like what, I was shocked , this doesn't feel or act in any way a superhero movie, and why make this movie in the first place , like who asked for this , nobody, it's just a movie that's going to go for 1 dollar on black Friday, yeah the action is good but that's all this movie has. It's just a generic kill the bad guy get the girl movie, nothing special, well except old guys killing people but besides the old people killing that's all this movie has.